1999 Women’s Fitness & Figure Championships (DVD)

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GMV-325-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 65 mins  Sample Clip

See a wonderful lineup of firm and fit, GORGEOUS AND SEXY fitness and figure athletes on the main stage at FIBO in Germany. This is the complete contest DVD as it took place on the main show stage.



This outstanding NABBA/WFF event showcased 27 beautiful and fit European figure and fitness stars.
This is the very beginning of NABBA/WFF Women’s Figure and Fitness Competitions of this type on DVD, as far as we know.

We include all the compulsory poses, comparisons, posedowns and awards. Also the posing routines from all the top competitors as they battle it out on the main stage at the 1999 FIBO.

It includes European champions such as Tina Pusch, Michaela Schwuchow, Pia Luttenberger and Blanka Ferenc – along with many other stars.

See a wonderful lineup of firm and fit, GORGEOUS AND SEXY fitness and figure athletes on the main stage at FIBO in Germany.   This is the complete contest video as it took place on the main show stage. Nothing has been omitted.

1999 Women’s Fitness Championships – Results

Essen, Germany   April 25th, 1999
NABBA/WFF Qualifier for the 15th Figure & Fitness World Championships

1. Pia Luttenberger – Germany
Diana Partheymuller – Germany
Patricia Maier-Christoph – Germany
Ines Vogel – Germany

1. Michaela Schwuchow – Germany
Tanja Weste – Germany
Jana Muller – Germany
Romy Budin – Czech Rep.
Inge Babel – Germany
Tanja-Leona Meyer – Germany
Claudia Thiele – Germany
Sandra Feutner – Germany

1. Blanka Ferenc – Germany
Latif El Bioui – Germany
Mandy Rollig – Germany
Angelika Roters – Germany
Alexandra Rosentiel – Germany
Eveline Sauer – Germany
Corinna Mayer – Germany
Sylvia Radmilovic – Germany
Sandy Bednorz – Germany
Madlen Pietsch – Germany
Mandy Kietzke – Germany

Athletic Fitness
1. Tina Pusch – Germany
Anke Bachmann – Germany
Ina Distelkotter – Germany
Bianca Henna – Germany