2000 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-362-DVD Open Region DVD  Duration:  115 mins  Sample Clip

See the Prejudging and Show, men and women, all on one tape – the state qualifier from Adelaide, South Australia for the 2000 Australian Championships. Men’s Open winner GARY VANDENBERG went on to win his class at the Australia, and also won his class at the 2000 World titles held in New Zealand. Women’s Figure winner, JANELLE McLEAN, successfully defended her title.


2000 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Prejudging & Show

This DVD presents the complete contest from beginning to end. See all of the Prejudging comparisons through to the posing routines, posedowns and awards at the Show. This is an absolute quality lineup, with our state winners doing extremely well at the Australian Nationals 2 week’s later.

Guest posers are NICK JONES and TERRI ROBERTS, World champion couples posers and pictured rear cover above. Nick is also current Mr. World, and Terri is runner up Ms. World Figure and Figure Miss Universe.

The Adelaide Physique Classic Men’s Masters winner KYM JOHNCOCK, took out the 2000 Australian Masters title.  This was followed by a masterly 3rd place at the New Zealand world championships. Adelaide is truly the home of many international bodybuilding champions!


Men’s Teenage
1.  Dominic Horn

Men’s Juniors
1.  Michael Gorzeckowski
2.  Sam Gardiner

Men’s Novice
1.  Carlos Azevedo
2.  Ray Palmer

Men’s Open
1.  Gary Vandenberg
2.  Tony Griffin

Men’s Over 40
1.  Kym Johncock

Women’s Figure
1.  Janelle McLean
2.  Leigh Jarrett
3.  Jodie Burgess
4.  Sonia Merritt
5.  Tanya Craig

Women’s Over 35
1.  Tracey Dempsey
2.  Sue Huxtable

Women’s Physique
1.  Deb Ross