2001 Ms. Olympia Prejudging (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-443-DVD  Open Region DVD   Duration:  70 mins  Sample Clip

See the Ms. Olympia Prejudging – Rounds 1 and 2. Symmetry, comparisons, tension – our own production has the lot.  You see them all, front-on from the best possible angle, and each woman is compared against the other.



See the complete Ms. Olympia Prejudging – from Rounds 1 and 2 with nothing left out. You see every tension filled moment from the symmetry comparisons to the compulsory poses. This is hard core women’s prejudging in its finest form. Experience the first ever complete Prejudging DVD shot at a Ms. Olympia event, and the good fortune that GMV was given special permission to shoot this historic DVD.

Juliette Bergmann Gallery
Iris Kyle Gallery
Yaxeni Oriquen Gallery
Andrulla Blanchette Gallery
Fannie Barrios Gallery

It is the connoisseur’s definitive Ms. Olympia DVD for the dyed in the wool fan who wants to see every second from the prejudging! It was shot from our front-on centre camera position from the best possible angle.  See lots of closeups as the MS. OLYMPIA WOMEN are judged muscle for muscle, sinew by sinew, striation by striation.

You will also see why last year’s winners Valentina Chepiga and Andrulla Blanchette missed out this year!

This DVD gives you a comprehensive look at the 2 class winners, Juliette Bergmann and Iris Kyle. At the evening FINALS Juliette Bergmann had a magnificent and hard fought Overall Ms. Olympia victory.  Sit back and enjoy this comprehensive look at the 2 class winners, Juliette Bergmann and Iris Kyle – the 2 best female bodybuilders in the world in 2001.


1 Juliette Bergmann
2 Andrulla Blanchette
3 Dayana Cadeau
4 Brenda Raganot
5 Gayle Moher
6 Renee Casella
7 Kim Harris
8 Fannie Barrios
9 Angela Debatin
10 Joanna Thomas

1 Iris Kyle
2 Vickie Gates
3 Yaxeni Oriquen
4 Valentina Chepiga
5 Lesa Lewis
6 Betty Pariso
7 Heather Foster