2002 WFF Universe: Women # 1 (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-483-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  97 mins  Sample Clip

This Women’s DVD # 1 covers these classes. Women’s Aerobic Fitness: Women’s Aerobic Performance: Women’s Aerobic Athletic: Women’s Fitness: Pairs – Athletic.



Held in Goettingen, Germany, this huge event featuring 300 competitors (men & women) has been divided into 3 DVDs for the men and 2 for the women.


Women’s Aerobic Fitness: Monica Wright – Australia
Women’s Aerobic Performance: Julija Kukina – Latvia
Women’s Aerobic Athletic: Valeria Ioudina – Russia
Women’s Fitness – Juniors: Susann May – Germany
Women’s Fitness: Christina Gogou – Greece
Women’s Fitness Over 30 & Overall Champion: Dunja Beil – Germany
Pairs – Athletic: Sandrine Sacoman & Alain Coniglio – France

The DVD includes the complete 3 rounds for every class – lineup, posing performance routine, and all comparisons.

This is followed by the Awards for each class including the overall posedown and awards.  This DVD covers the complete contest for these classes listed above.

Results for the Classes in this video

Women’s Aerobic Fitness   
1 Monica Wright Australia
2 Cornelia Trost Germany
3 Jolante Mileriute Lithuania

Women’s Aerobic Performance  
1 Julija Kukina Latvia
2 Maryna Bukharava Belarus

Women’s Aerobic Athletic
1 Valeria Loudina Russia
2 Olga Yakovleva Russia

Women’s Fitness Junior 
1 Susann May Germany
2 Alexandra Hinterbauer Austria
3 Vicky Efstathiou Greece
4 Tatsiana Platkouskaya Belarus

 Women’s Fitness   
1 Christina Gogou Greece
2 Afroditi Kokkinou Greece
3 Sabine Meusel Germany
4 Chantelle Tanke Holland
5 Tanja-Leona Meyer Germany
6 Ingrid Neuhofer Austria
7 Tanja Dietrich Holland
8 Sandra Tilke Germany

 Women’s Fitness Over 30 
1 Dunja Beil (Overall winner) Germany
2 Melanie Helfrich Germany
3 Anna-Maria Konstantinidou Greece
4 Jolanda Beuving Holland
5 Emma Rutz Germany
6 Marina Burinskaja Latvia
7 Jana Maier Germany
8 Maddalena Colombo Italy
9 Isabelle Manguera France

 Pairs – Athletic 
1 Sandrine Sacoman/Alain Coniglio France
2 Valeria Loudina/German Shelest Russia
3 Veronique & Christophe Ducos France
4 Ingrid & Christian Neuhofer Austria
5 Julija Kukina/Jurijs Karsecjans Latvia
6 Marina Burinskaja/Nikolai Kornosev Latvia
7 Iva Jurkovic/Jaksic Vedran Croatia