2007 Arnold Classic: Women (DVD)

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GMV-664-DVDSP   Open Region 2-DVD set  Duration: 233 mins  Preview Clip: Prejudging
Preview Clip: Show

See the complete rounds for all three women’s classes from the exciting prejudging session.  The Finals DVD brings you the complete FINALS from the routines to the awards.


2007 Arnold Classic Complete Women’s Prejudging & Show – Ms. International, Fitness, Figure

See the complete rounds for all three women’s classes from the exciting prejudging session exactly in the order in which they took place. Held on the main stage at the Greater Columbus Convention Center we shot amazing footage from our key position in the judges’ row. Every compulsory pose and every single comparison is included, along with the 45 second fitness routines in black leotards. You also see the one piece round for FIGURE where you will witness the intense battle between MARY ELIZABETH LADO and AMANDA SAVELL.

Held at the Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium and captured on four cameras, The Finals DVD has all the exciting action at one of the world’s premiere women’s events. This DVD brings you the complete FINALS from all of the routines to all of the awards.  In the Fitness International contest, the sublimely athletic KIMBERLY KLEIN over ran a strong field and beat last year’s winner, ADELA GARCIA.

The gorgeous Figure International line-up was bigger than ever and the reigning champ, the lovely MARY ELIZABETH LADO, took it out again.

In the Ms. International event, Ms. Olympia IRIS KYLE added to her women’s bodybuilding dominance by beating the in-shape YAXENI ORIQUEN and 2007 Sacramento Pro champion HEATHER POLICKY.


Women’s Bodybuilding
 1 Iris Kyle
2 Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
3 Heather Policky
4 Lisa Aukland
5 Betty Pariso
6 Dayana Cadeau
7 Annie Rivieccio
8 Bonnie Priest
9 Anntoinette Norman
10 Cathy Lefrancois-Priest
11 Lora Ottenad
12 Denise Masino
13 Kim Perez
14 Colette Nelson
15 Rosemary Jennings
16 Susanne Niederhauser

1 Mary Elizabeth Lado
2 Amanda Savell
3 Sonia Adcock
4 Latisha Wilder
5 Valerie Waugaman
6 Gina Aliotti
7 Chastity Slone
8 Julie Wallis
9 Christine Wan
10 Inga Neverauskaite
11 Jane Awad
12 Deborah Leung
13 Briana Tindall
14 Corry Mathews
15 Zena Collins

 1 Kimberly Klein
2 Jennifer Hendershott
3 Adela Friedmansky
4 Tanji Johnson
5 Julie Palmer
6 Tracey Greenwood
7 Julie Childs
8 Debbie Czempinski
9 Holly Stewart
10 Angela Monteleone-Semsch
11 Amy Villa
12 Mindi O’Brien
13 Bethany Gainey
14 Amy Haddad
DNF Heidi Fletcher

Includes a huge photo gallery.

” You will see an absolute bonanza of gorgeous figure girls,  remarkable fitness routines and rippling hard core female muscle. ” 

Interviews are by Kenny Kassel.