2013 INBA Adelaide Classic (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-848-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 146 mins  Sample Clip

The Overall Bodybuilding Champions were Men: Aaron Wilson and Women: Andre Koronis. Overall Fitness Model was Simone Versace and Overall Bikini Diva was Ellie Blackwell.


2013 INBA Adelaide Classic

In front of a sell-out crowd, this exciting contest was held at the Norwood Concert Hall on Sunday, 21st April, 2013.  You will see a very high quality competition spread over a number of classes.

The Overall Bodybuilding Champions were:  Men – Aaron Wilson and Women – Andre Koronis.
Simone Versace was Overall Fitness Model and Ellie Blackwell was Overall Bikini Diva.

See 2 and a half hours of fabulous bodies in this massive DVD, with every round included through to the final posedowns and awards.

The Major Sponsors were Muscle Nutrition and Australian Muscle.


Photo Gallery:  Photos by Tina Gallasch

2013 Muscle Nutrition INBA Adelaide Classic
Complete Results


Men’s Junior
1. Jonathan Routley

Men’s Novice
1. Alf Connolly
2. Ryan Crowley
3. Johnny Gagliardi
4. Bobby Zezlelj
5. Kim Dametto

Women’s Novice Physique
1. Caieta Davey
2. Natalie Pink
3. Natassia Morrison
4. Kylie Rosewarne

Men’s Intermediate
1. Russel James
2. Marcus Warlosz
3. Benjamin McKinnon
4. Christopher Fritz

Women’s Physique Master
1. Michelle Kittel

Women’s Physique Open
1. Andre Koronis
2. Annetta Rullo

Men’s Open
1. Aaron Wilson
2. Tom Haxby
3. Alex Horvath

Women’s Overall: Andre Koronis

Men’s Overall: Aaron Wilson

2013 Muscle Nutrition INBA Adelaide Classic Fitness Model

Short Class
1. Simone Versace
2. Nicole Durkay
3. Amasha Marshal
4. Emilie Foden
5. Lisa Allan
6. Lynn Sartor
7. Georgina Self
7. Audra Homa
7. Megan Sebben
7. Eva Lydigadis
7. Jacinta Palmer
7. Meegan McMahon

Tall Class
1. Ellie Finlay
2. Helen Hodges
3. Michelle Wilson
4. Emma Obst
5. Natasha Richards
6. Anna Minicozzi
7. Kathryn Ranieri
7. Jennifer Steer
7. Dabrowka Koronis
7. Kerri Harrison
7. Srna Banovic

Overall Fitness Model: Simone Versace

2013 Muscle Nutrition INBA Adelaide Classic Bikini

Short Class
1. Ellie Blackwell
2. Jelena Lalic
3. Kathryn Opperman
4. Stephanie Costanzo
5. Kylie Kent
6. Christie Rozaklis
7. Scarlet Turner
8. Megan Thorn

Tall Class
1. Cassie Mickan
2. Alison Nelson
3. Amanda Casey
4. Emily Banks
5. Lara Stollery
6. Monica Tietjens

Overall Bikini Diva: Ellie Blackwell

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