2018 ICN Adelaide Classic: Bodybuilding & Figure (DVD)

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GMV-992-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  125 mins  Sample Clip

This DVD presents every round of competition through to the final posedowns and awards and Overalls. Includes all routines from the Posing Round.


2018 ICN Adelaide Classic – Bodybuilding, Figure & Physique

Natural Bodybuilding, Figure & Physique Titles.

The 2018 ICN Adelaide Classic Bodybuilding Show was the first of 2 events held at the Norwood Town Hall on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018.  Professionally run by Kim Tanska and his team, this event was another great success for the ICN organisation in South Australia. The special trophy presenter on behalf of major sponsor Max’s was Tony Torcasio.

This DVD presents every round of competition through to the final posedowns and awards and Overalls. Includes all routines from the Posing Round.

It was Joshua Williams who swept the field and claimed Overall Men’s Bodybuilding and Most Muscular titles.
The Overall Women’s Figure Class Champion was the beautiful and shapely Tahnee Smith.
Men’s Physique winner was Scott Pointon.

Men’s Physique Open: Scott Pointon
Men’s Teenage: Beau Fitzgerald
Men’s Bodybuilding First Timers: Joshua Williams
Men’s Bodybuilding Novice: Joshua Williams
Men’s Bodybuilding Under 72Kg: Nathan Pippett
Men’s Bodybuilding Under 77Kg: Jason Swincer
Men’s Bodybuilding Open: Joshua Williams

Ms Figure First Timers: Tahnee Smith
Ms Figure Novice: Aloura Kirk
Ms Figure 40+: Wendy Broekx
Ms Figure 50+: Vicki Sauerwald
Ms Figure Open: Tahnee Smith

MEN’S BOYBUILDING: Joshua Williams
MS FIGURE: Tahnee Smith
BEST POSER MALE: Nathan Pippett

2018 ICN Adelaide Classic – Complete Results as seen in this DVD:
SUNDAY, 22nd APRIL, 2018.

Bodybuilding, Figure & Physique Show.

Men’s Results:

Men’s Physique Open
1. Scott Pointon
2. Nasashi Okiuta
3. Seiji Iwao
4. Douglas Barrientos
5. Ben McKinnon
Tristan Stoddart
Phil Jonas
Josiah Lifshack

Men’s Teenage Bodybuilding
1. Beau Fitzgerald

Men’s Bodybuilding First Timers
1. Joshua Williams
2. Chris Dickerson
3. Ryan Morelli
4. Sam Cuchor
5. Beau Fitzgerald
6. Glenn Maddocks

Men’s Bodybuilding Novice
1. Joshua Williams
2. Chris Dickerson
3. Josh Kirk-Demiri
4. Ryan Morelli
5. Sam Cuchor
Glenn Maddocks
Beau Fitzgerald

Men’s Bodybuilding Under 72 Kg
1. Nathan Pippett
2. Josh Kirk-Demiri

Men’s Bodybuilding: Under 77 Kg
1. Jason Swincer
2. Glenn Maddocks
3. Paul Katranis

Men’s Bodybuilding Open
1. Joshua Williams
2. Jason Swincer
3. Jason Fang
4. Nathan Pippett
5. Chris Dickerson
Josh Kirk-Demiri
Adrian Musseau
Sam Cuchor

Overall Winner Men’s Bodybuilding & Most Muscular: Joshua Williams

Women’s Results:

Ms. Figure First Timers
1. Tahnee Smith
2. Rhiannon dick
3. Amy Attridge
4. Renee Miller
5. Paula Matthews
6. Maria Li

Ms. Figure Novice
1. Aloura Kirk
2. Rhiannon Dick
3. Amy Attridge
4. Maria Li

Ms Figure Over 40
1. Wendy Broekx
2. Renee Miller
3. Maria Li

Ms Figure over 50
1. Vicki Sauerwald
2. Paula Matthews

Ms Figure Over 60
1. Paula Matthews

Ms Figure Open
1. Tahnee Smith
2. Aloura Kirk
3. Vicki Sauerwald
4. Amy Attridge
5. Leesa Tee
6. Wendy Broekx

Overall Figure Winner: Tahnee Smith

Men’s Best Poser: Nathan Pippett
Women’s Best Poser: Amy Attridge