FIBO 2003 – The Women (DVD)

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V-182-DVD  Open Region DVD    Duration 74 mins  Sample Clip

* Flexing * Closeups * Workout – Extra scenes plus fantastic photo gallery.



The annual FIBO muscle extravaganza took place in Essen Germany, in May 2003. The highlight was the All Stars stage and their “Show of Strength” posing shows.

This year we had a slightly different format. Posing star MARYSE MANIOS of France came to our pump-up area for a gym workout and posing segment. Another French Champion to workout and pose for us was NADINE KHOUALED followed by Germany’s LIZZY TAYLOR. 

We spoke to MONICA BRANT, had a superb and sexy stretching segment from fitness star performer REGIANI DA SILVA, posing by SUSANNE MALEKPURANJA TIMMER and PASCALE SEELS.   NATALYA LENARTOVA and DIANA BAYER round out the wonderful array of female talent on display at FIBO this year.

Also includes highlights of the All Stars Figure/Fitness contest won by Diana Bayer together with the posedown by the top 5 women.

* Flexing * Closeups * Workout

Extra scenes plus fantastic photo gallery.