FIBO ’96: Bodybuilding’s Best (DVD)

AUD $29.95

V-091-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  90 mins  Sample Clip

Brings you all the action from the various posing shows. A highlight was having current Mr. Olympia DORIAN YATES and future Mr Olympia RONNIE COLEMAN on the same stage. Not to mention other huge stars such as FLEX WHEELER, VINCE TAYLOR and CHARLES CLAIRMONTE.



Visited by over 100,000 people during the 4-day event, this is THE biggest and best bodybuilding Expo in the world. The 1996 FIBO was no exception. The fans flock to Essen, Germany each year to see some of the best physiques on the planet.

Capture the pure excitement and adrenalin rush of FIBO ’96. FIBO sees the coming together of every company that has anything to do with bodybuilding and fitness. From clothing and supplements to heavy duty exercise equipment to leather goods to DVDs to you name it. To entertain the mass of fans, the main show stage presents various super stars of bodybuilding in regular posing shows each day. This DVD brings you all the action from the various posing shows.

A highlight was having current Mr. Olympia DORIAN YATES and future Mr Olympia RONNIE COLEMAN on the same stage. Not to mention other huge stars such as FLEX WHEELER, VINCE TAYLOR and CHARLES CLAIRMONTE. It was almost a mini 1996 Mr. Olympia preview!

NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU FIND SUCH A MAGICAL CROSS SECTION OF FITNESS STARS AND ENTHUSIASTIC FANS!! In fact we rated it so highly that we took a team of 5 people to cover this event. 2 cameramen, 2 interviewers and a still photographer/director.

We also included the posedown in the brand new class of men’s bodybuilding called MEN’S FITNESS. We did interviews with most of the stars who literally lined up to talk with GMV’s interview team. FIBO is still the place to see and the place to be seen if you are interested in the bodybuilding and fitness scene.


Dorian Yates
Ronnie Coleman
Vince Taylor
Mia Finnegan
Deidre Pagnanelli
Paul DeMayo
Claudia Mülhaus
Lamar Lowery
Flex Wheeler
Roland Cziurlok
Manfred Höberl
Sabine Froschauer
Sharon Bruneau
The Michael Scott Centrefold Girls
Robby Robinson
Russ Testo
Lutz Wilke
Edgar Fletcher
Charles Clairmonte
Body & Soul
Danskin Dancers
Pepper Ferry
Theresa Hessler
Muriane Nicolas
Lucia Schmid
Thomas Scheu
Uncle Sam Dancers
Sabine Weeke
Main Stage MC – Anja Schreiner
Power lifting Teams USA v Germany:
Phil Farmer
Walt Austin
Michael Brugge
Ralf Gierz