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1993 NABBA Mr. Germany Show # 2 Download

1993 NABBA Mr. Germany – Show Part 2 (Download)

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A-0780B  Digital Download  Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

Part 2 of a five hour show.  Includes Masters Over 40 (won by veteran Walter Engelskircher, and the Night of Champions won by Rudiger Schmitz.

Product Description

1993 NABBA Mr. Germany – Show Part 2

Wetzlar 22nd May, 1993.
This is part two of a 5 hour show

Masters Over 40:

Walter Engelskircher – qualified for NABBA Worlds
Willi Bendel
Gerald Jebsen
Georg Vogt

´Night of Champions` – Qualifier for NABBA Worlds:

1. Rüdiger Schmitz
2  Horst Welz
3  Andreas Pohl
Heinz Dickgießer
Peter Böhler
Erich Beihl
Lutz Wilke
Holger Dannheim
Frank Kiefer
Gunther Erhart