1996 WABBA European Championships – Prejudging Part 1 (Download)

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A-1666A  Digital Download  Duration: 160 mins  Sample Clip

Generally a good quality production, with the usual amazing WABBA physiques.   Some of the posing routines show real artistry and flair.


1996 WABBA European Championships – Prejudging Part 1

Charleroi, Belgium – 1st June 1996

Men Only, including Junior, Masters and Open Classes.

A massive contest, which is why the Prejudging is in two parts.  Part one runs for a whopping 160 minutes.  NB:  During the first part of the solo posing the camera operator got a bit enthusiastic and framed too tight, resulting in part of the head being cropped.  This doesn’t detract from the general good quality of the production, and the amazing physiques.  In fact, some of the posing routines are the best we’ve ever seen – there’s some real artistry there.

Sadly there is no video of the finals, and we have no results.