1997 IFBB German Grand Prix (Download)

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Another of our gems from the 1990’s.  Top three were Kevin Levrone, Nasser, and third Lee Priest.  Ronnie came in at 5th, Paul Dillett 4th.


1997 IFBB German Grand Prix

Another of our gems from the 1990’s.

The 1997 German Grand Prix was held in Offenbach on September 27th. It was virtually a rerun of the Mr Olympia minus the winner in Dorian Yates. At the Olympia Nasser placed a very close second with Shawn Ray third, Kevin Levrone 4th, 5th was  Paul Dillett and Lee Priest was 6th. This contest proved to be a real “boil-over” with the placing unpredictably as follows: Kevin Levrone was the winner, and once again Nasser was denied victory. Lee Priest moved up to third and the rest is history.

Kevin Levrone Photo Gallery
Nasser El Sonbaty Photo Gallery
Lee Priest Photo Gallery
Ronnie Coleman Gallery
Chris Cormier Gallery


1  Kevin Levrone
2  Nasser El Sonbaty
3  Lee Priest
4  Paul Dillett
5  Ronnie Coleman
6  Chris Cormier
7  Milos Sarcev
8  Jean Pierre Fux
9  Vince Taylor
10  Markus Rühl
11  Mike Matarazzo
12  Pascal T’Hooft
13  Thomas Zechmeister
14  Shaun Davis
15  Ray Williams