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1999 NABBA Mr. Britain: Prejudging – Part 2 (Download)

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A-0982B  Digital Download  Duration:  105 mins  Sample Clip

Posing and comparisons of Britain's top amateur men of the early 90's.  The stand out posing routine was from Mike Sheridan who is known for his charisma on stage.



1999 NABBA Mr. Britain: Prejudging – Part 2

Part 2 includes the following classes

Mr Class 3
Mr Class 2
Mr Class 1



1  Mike Sheridan     Midlands        (OVERALL TITLE)
2  Colin Wright           N.W
3  Harold Pennie       N. Ireland
4  Bob Lockwood      Midlands
5  Desmond Lockwood Midlands
6  Paul Sutton            N.W
7  Barry Lockwood    S.E
8  Stevie Wright         North
9  James Salmond    Scotland
10 Shaun Danby       North
11 Lee Grieveson     North
12 Gary Scales         S.E
DNP: Terry Difford    S.W
Nik Hunter                  S.E
David Thackray         N.E

1  Steve Riddoch      Midlands
2  Paul House            N.E
3  Graham Madderson   North
4  Scott Gledhill         N.W
5  Michael Johnson North
6  John Buchanan     N. Ireland
7  Lee Hoganson      North
8  Michael Heair        N.W
9  Mark Etherden      S.E
10 Paul Megwa         North
11 Brian Flockhart    North
12 Kenneth Clarke    North
13 Jan‑Marc Poulton S.E
14  David McLurg     North
14  Berny Palmer      S.E
15 Darren Casey      Midlands
DNP  Geraint Anstee Wales
Stuart Jones             Wales

1  Eddie Creamer     Wales
2  Chris Wall              North
3  Steve Johnson      Midlands
4  Carl Rung               N.E
5  Julian Casey          N.E
6  Patrick Warner      N.E
7  Eric Hartley            West
8  Francesco Carano  N.E
9  Ian Holden             S.E
9 Raymond Ness      Scotland
10 Colin Thomas       South
11 David Kingham    S.E
DNP:  Nick Jones     West
Vernon Montgomery S.E
John Parker                N.W
Raffaelo Romano       N.E

34th NABBA MASTERS O/40yrs
1  Graham Lakey      West
2  Pat  Collard            Midlands
3  Deny Hoyle            North
4  Graham Park         Scotland
5  Lesley Jones         Wales
6  Kevin Poll               North
7  Gordon Pasquill    N.W
8  Stuart Dane           Midlands
9  Michael Mitchell    Scotland
10 Ian Richardson     Midlands
11 Paul Trollope          West
12 Dave Richards     S.E
13 Steve Turner         South
14 Bill Trotter             North
DNP:  Ian Blackwell Midlands
Steve  Lockwood      West

1  Paul Harkin            N.Ireland
2  Steven Baker        North
3  Darren Nicholhurst S.E
4  Alan Mack              S.E
5  Craig Anderson    Scotland
6  Daniel Duggan      N.E
7  Simon Bateman    S.E
8  Paul Green            North
9  Ian   Quigley           N.W
10 Ricky Summerscales    N.E
10 Robert Suckley    N.E
11 John Robson        North
DNP:  Phil Hudson    N.W
Karl Kingdom           West
Wayne Niemiec         South
Gareth Webb             South

1  Neil McVicar          North
2  Gary Williams        N.W
3  Robert  McRobbie  Scotland
4  Colin James          N.W
5  Colin Scott             North
6  Kevin Alder            N.W
7  David Dicker         Wales
8  Darren Fleet          North
9  Daren Smith          N.W
10 Bill Elsden            West
11 Simon Taylor        Wales
12 Glen Martin           Midlands
13 Paul Berry             North
14 Michael Porter     S.E
15 Stephen Stockhall Midlands
DNP: Grant Law        N.E
Jonathan Pridham     South