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1999 NPC National Men's Prejudging # 1

1999 NPC Nationals: Men’s Prejudging # 1 (Download)

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A-1008  Digital Download  Duration – 108 mins    Sample Clip

Featuring all the competitors in the bantam, light and middle weight classes.  Includes Derek Farnsworth, Brian Chamberlain, Clifton Torres and Mark Dugdale.

Product Description

1999 NPC Nationals: Men’s Prejudging # 1: Bantam, Light & Middleweight

Undoubtedly the most prestigious and highly anticipated NPC contest of the year, the 1999 National Bodybuilding championships drew over 250 top athletes from across the country to one stage in Orlando, Florida.

Featuring all the competitors in the bantam weight, lightweight and middle weight classes, as they perform their mandatory poses and side-by-side comparisons for the judges. This video is a great way to get an informal look at the competitors. Presented entirely in full body shots.

Results for these classes

1. Vladimir Senatus
2. Pablo Mills
3. Brian Chamberlain
4. J B Bartlett
5. Eric Otero
6. Mark Dugdale
7. Jeff Cook
8. Hans Vander Gronden
9. Tommy L Brown
10. Randy Jackson
11. Jay Crotty
12. Paul Smith
13. Sam Segarra
14. Craig Torres
15. Jimmie Wilson

1. Joseph Pacello
2. Richard Jackson
3. Frank DiCicco
4. Derik Farnsworth
5. Silvio Schillen
6. Joe Perea
7. Brett Campanella
8. Robert Mesa
9. Stephen Wirth
10. Michael Matassi
11. Peter Fong
12. Philip Lima
13. Carlen Charleston
14. Larry Morten
15. Chris Jones

Bantam Weight
1. Marvin Ward
2. Randy Leppala
3. Juan Diego Ramos
4. Johnny McKnight
5. George Gibson
6. Ricky Parks
7. Eric Yamashita
8. Gary Passmore
9. Shane Prichard
10. Clifton Torres
11. Doug Davis
12. Gene Johnson
13. Joe Lopez
14. Jon Weber
15. Reginald White
16. Dennis Mayer
17. Lance Moore