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2000 Arnold Classic – Finals (Download)

AUD $12.50

A-1488  Digital Download  Duration:  130 mins  Sample Clip

No Prejudging, but more than two hours of fantastic pro bodybuilding.  Excellent quality, winner Flex Wheeler.


2000 Arnold Classic – Finals

No Prejudging – but more than 2 hours fantastic footage of great bodybuilding.

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Flex Wheeler
Chris Cormier
Kevin Levrone


1  Ken Wheeler
2  Chris Cormier
3  Kevin Levrone
4  Dennis James
5  Dexter Jackson
6  Gunter Schlierkamp
7  Darrem Charles
8  Jason Arntz
9  J D Dawodu
10  Craig Titus
11  Tom Prince
12  Ahmad Haidar
13  Claude Groulx
14  Flavio Baccianini
15  Jeff Long
16  Patrick Lynn
17  Jimmy Mentis