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2000 IFBB Toronto Pro International (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1006  Digital Download  Duration:  133 mins  Sample Clip

Average quality, but the only known footage of this excellent contest.  Won by Markus Ruhl, over Dexter Jackson second.


2000 IFBB Toronto Pro International Bodybuilding Championships

A rare Canadian contest, won by Markus Ruhl, with Dexter Jackson second.


1 Markus Rühl
2 Dexter Jackson
3 Orville Burke
4 Claude Groulx
5 Craig Titus
6 Mike Matarazzo
7 Jason Arntz
8 Garrett Downing
9 Istvan Kis Horvath
10 Aaron Maddron
11 Art Dilkes
12 Anthony Williams
13 Henderson Thorne
14 Rodney St Cloud
15 John Sherman
– David Alleyne
– Gustavo Badell
– Kenneth Brown
– Kelvin Daniel
– Shaun Davis
– Charles Kemp
– Rod Ketchens
– Allesandro Komadina
– Craig Licker
– Christian Lobarede
– Roberto Morisho
– Rudy Soliman
– Tommi Thorvildsen
– Bob Weatherhill