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2000 WFF Universe download

2000 WFF Universe (Download)

AUD $5.00

A-1026  Digital Download  Duration 51 mins  Sample Clip

An early WFF International competition – highlights video, featuring men and women

Product Description

2000 WFF Universe: Men & Women

An early WFF international competition.  Only one posing routine per class.


Men Performance
Stephan Deininger

Men Performance Over 30
Pio Parancaccio

Men Performance Over 40
Wolfgang Iben

Men Athletic Over 30
Peter Gusenleitner

Men Athletic Over 40
Antonio Vergiani

Men Fitness
ven Kasper

Men Fitness Over 30
Gintareo Martinkenas

Junior Fitness
Dimitris Patgliadis

Junior Performance
Christian Ross

Junior Athletics
Dirk Weiermann

Women Athletic
Claudia Muhlhaus

Women Athletic Over 30
Regina Auer

Women Superbody
Tsintari Popi

Women Performance
Sandra Hoschler

Womern Superbody Over 30
Marina Burinska

Women Fitness
Anne Maria Konstantinidon

Women Fitness Over 30
Jolanda Dubikaltyte 

Women Aerobic Athletic
Romina Paoli

Women Aerobic Performance
Skoidrite Petrenko 

Women Aerobic Fitness
Michaela Schwuchow 

Pairs Fitness
Ruta Kulvinskaite & Marik Stfanovic 

Paris Athletic
Lucie Schmidt & Udo Walter