2001 Battle for the Olympia: Part 1 (Download)

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A-1235A  Digital Download  Duration:  40 mins  Sample Clip

Features:  Dexter Jackson, Claude Groulx, Darrem Charles, Orville Burke and King Kamali.


2001 Battle for the Olympia Part 1

Train Shoulders and back with Dexter Jackson (he must be doing something right – still competing at the highest possible level in 2016).  Follow that up with a training session with Claude Groulx focusing on back and shoulders.  Go for a complete shoulder burn with Darrem Charles.  Fed-up with shoulders and still plenty of energy?  How about a chest workout with Orville Burke?  And finally, finish off with a back work out with the King – King Kamali.

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2001 Mr. Olympia: Results

1. Ronnie Coleman USA
2. Jay Cutler USA
3. Kevin Levrone USA
4. Shawn Ray USA
5. Chris Cormier USA
6. Orville Burke USA
7. Dennis James USA
8. Dexter Jackson USA
9. Nasser El Sonbaty Yugoslavia
10. Shari ‘King’ Kamali USA
11. Melvin Anthony USA
12. Craig Titus USA
13. Vince Taylor USA
14. Markus Ruhl Germany
15. Gunter Schlierkamp Germany
16. Tom Prince USA
17. J.D. Dawodu England
18. Darrem Charles Trinidad
19. Pavol Jablonicky Czech Rep.
20. Claude Groulx Canada
21. Mike Matarazzo USA

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