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2003 Arnold Classic – Finals # 2 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1507B  Digital Download  Duration: 84 mins  Sample Clip

Part 2 includes:  Arnold Strongman – Farmer’s Walk, Comparisons, Posedown, Acrobatic performance, Strongman Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award – Frank Zane, Pro Awards.


2003 Arnold Classic – Finals # 2

Part 2 Includes:

Arnold Strongman – Farmer’s Walk
Bodybuilding Comparisons and Posedown
Guest Acrobatic performance
Strongman Awards
Lifetime Achievement Award – Frank Zane
Arnold Classic Pro Awards

Photo Galleries

Jay Cutler
Dexter Jackson
Chris Cormier
Kevin Levrone


1  Jay Cutler
2  Chris Cormier
3  Markus Rühl
4  Dexter Jackson
5  Kevin Levrone
6  Darrem Charles
7  Ahmad Haidar
8  Melvin Anthony
9  Quincy Taylor
10  Troy Alves
11  J D Dawodu
12  Tommi Thorvildsen
13  Eddie Abbew
14  Stan McCrary