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2006 Arnold Strongman Classic – Part 2 (Download)

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A-1571B  Digital Download  Duration:  116 mins  Sample Clip

Part 2 includes a recap of Friday’s events, Met-Rx Yoke Carry, MHP Deadlift, Met-Rx Circus Dumbell, Awards.


2006 Arnold Strongman Classic – Part 2

Please note the the footage in this part comes from 2 sources.  The original excellent quality video had a fault towards the end so the video concludes with the only known footage of this event.  There is no footage missing.

Part 2 Includes

Recap of Friday’s events
Met-Rx Yoke Carry
MHP Deadlift
Met-Rx Circus Dumbell


1. Ž. Savickas Lithuania 53.5
2. V. Virastyuk Ukraine 45
3. M. Koklyaev Russia 38.5
4. P. Pfister USA 37.5
5. B. Magnússon Iceland 35.5
6. M. Pudzianowski Poland 35
7. B. Siders USA 32.5
8. R. Bernmanis Latvia 23.5
9. D. Filiou Canada 15.5
10. G. Ross Great Britain 13.5