2006 NABBA Mr. World – Prejudging (Download)

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All classes were keenly contested in a very even competition.The men’s contest produced a super high standard and quality in every class which is rarely seen at an amateur level. In this video see the complete men’s prejudging with all the posing routines and hard fought key comparisons.


2006 NABBA World Championships: Men – Prejudging

Staged at the Helix Centre, on June 10th, this was the first ever World Championships held in Dublin, Rep. of Ireland. The sold out event reached a new level of excitement. All classes were keenly contested in a very even competition. All photos are by Tina Gallasch.

The men’s contest produced a super high standard with great quality in every class. In this DVD see the complete Men’s Prejudging with all the posing routines and hard fought key comparisons.

2006 NABBA World Championships – Men’s Results

10th June, 2006 Dublin, Rep. of Ireland

Men’s Open: Billy Bourne, Rep. of Ireland
Figure: Kamila Porczyk, Poland


Masters Over 40
1 Jari Salmenaho, Sweden
2 Uwe Seiter, Germany
3 Jürgen Billmaier, Germany
4 Dave Steele, UK
5 Andrzej Brzezinski, Poland
6 Aart Van Degruiter, Holland
Noel McPartlin, Rep of Ireland
John O’Grady, Rep. of Ireland
Anders Bengtsson, Sweden

Masters Over 50
1 Bernie Cooper, UK
2 Gerry Morgan, Wales
3 Tony Rizzo, Australia
4 Francisco Rios Vega, Mexico
5 Gus Walsh, Rep. of Ireland

1 Damian Cloete, South Africa
2 Karl Linnhoff, Paraguay
3 Michael Vecchio, Australia
4 Aiden Travers, UK
5 Karol Horvath, Slovakia
6 Nicolas Toppin, Rep. of Ireland
John Martin, UK

Mr. Class IV
1 Derek Pennie, N. Ireland
2 Wayne Jones, Wales
3 Paul Sutton, UK
4 Gilberto Feitosa, Brazil
5 Enrico Dietze, Germany
6 James Salmonde, Scotland, UK
Simon Horsall, Wales, UK
Tony Sweeny, Rep. of Ireland

Mr. Class III
1 Billy Bourne, Rep. of Ireland
2 Naser Mirza Albeloshi, Dubai
3 Petr Vanis, Czech Republic
4 Phil Carlon, UK
5 Yuriy Kovalov, Ukraine
6 Tony Mount, N. Ireland
Tony Browne, Rep. of Ireland
Patrick Finkler, Germany
Sebastien Demeyere, Belgium
Justin Trollope, Wales, UK
Denis Moron, France
George Van Peer, Holland
Federico Boyselle, Mexico
Christian Klee, Austria

Mr. Class II
1 Gary Keith, Scotland
2 Wolfgang Peetz, Germany
3 Ilya Vermeerbergen, Belgium
4 Dave Fox, N. Ireland
5 Gary Wilson, Scotland
6 Milan Suchy, Czech Republic
Leo Abraham, Rep. of Ireland
Relu Gacku, Rep. of Ireland
Shy Harari, Israel
Surinder Singh, India
Paul Longfield, UK
Thomas Schonfeld, Germany
Ken Yasuda, Japan
Serhiy Yatsyuk, Ukraine
Domic Schieda, Malta
Mohamed Hassan, Iraq
Sebastien Miridjian, France
Luigi Magnelli, Italy
Bernd Veitschegger, Austria

Mr. Class I
1 Andreas Ehrschwendtner, Austria
2 Volodymyr Gorai, Ukraine
3 Ken Prescott, UK
4 Neil Browne, Rep. of Ireland
5 Oliver Deneffe, Germany
6 Lukas Gabris, Slovakia