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2007 Australian Pro Grand Prix – Pump Room (Download)

AUD $10.00

GMV-662B  Digital Download  Duration:  90 mins  Sample Clip

Pro pump room, side stage prejudging, John Hodgson gym shoot, interviews.  The 2007 Australian Grand Prix saw DEXTER “The Blade ” JACKSON take his first victory for the 2007 season.


2007 Australian Pro Grand Prix Pump Room & Bonus Features

The Pro Pump Room: 62 minutes
John Hodgson gym photo shoot: 15 minutes
Side stage at prejudging: 9 minutes

Photo Galleries

Dexter Jackson
Ronny Rockel
Vince Taylor

2007 Australian Grand Prix Results

1 Dexter Jackson
2 Ronny Rockel
3 Vince Taylor
4 Martin Kjellstrom
5 Hide Yamagishi
6 Joel Stubbs
7 John Hodgson
8 Wong Hong
9 Luke Wood
10 Massimo Villi
11 Neil Gardner