2010 AOBS Annual Reunion & Awards – Part 1 (Download)

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GMV-1037A  Digital Download  Duration:  83 mins  Sample Clip

Part 1 of this extraordinary video includes Historical & Collectors’ Meeting featuring Tommy Kono, Dennis Rogers, Artie Drechsler, Joe Franklin and so much more.


The Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen Historic 27th Annual Reunion/Dinner 2010 – Part 1

Photo Gallery

Part 1 includes:

Historical & Collectors’ Meeting including Tommy Kono
Dennis Rogers Strongman Seminar
Introductions by Artie Drechsler
MC Steve Sadicario – “Mighty Stefan”
Speech by Joe Franklin
Posthumous award to Joe ‘The Great’ Rollino
Dr Ken Rosa
Special Achievement Award – Dave Prowse (Darth Vader)

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. Newark/Liberty Airport, Marriott Hotel, New Jersey, USA.

Promoter and AOBS President: Arthur Drechsler.

It was an honour to be shooting video of this very special historic event. The main honoree for me personally was Chet Yorton, Mr Universe. I had not seen Chet since our shoot in London in 1975, on the day after his victory in the 1975 NABBA Pro Universe. The photo he chose as the image for his painting, presented to him by artist Jim Sanders, was the kneeling pose that appeared on the Iron Man magazine cover, January 1978 issue.

Chet Yorton Photo Gallery

Other notables present included Dr Bob Goldman, Bob Gajda, John and Roland Balik, photographer Denie, Russ Testo, Terry & Jan Todd, Dave Webster, Bob Gruskin, Olympic Gold medalist Isaac Berger, Joe Abbenda, Dr Leo Rosa, Fred Yale, Norm Komich, Odd Haugen, John Corlett and Joe Marino.

The Highest Achievement Award Honorees for 2010