2015 Arnold Classic USA Pro Men # 1 (Download)

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This video  presents the COMPLETE EVENT for  Men’s Physique and 212 Classes: followed by the Prejudging for the Pro Men, with all of the compulsory poses, callouts and comparisons.   Congratulations to DEXTER JACKSON of USA for his record 5th victory at this event.


2015 Arnold Classic Pro Men # 1

Part 1 includes: The complete Men’s Physique, and 212; followed by the Prejudging of the Pro men

The 27th Arnold Classic was held in Columbus, Ohio on March 5-8, 2015 . The inaugural IFBB Arnold Pro Men’s Physique was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Battelle Grand Ballroom. The Presenting Sponsor was Europa Sports Products.

Congratulations to DEXTER JACKSON of USA for his record 5th victory at this event. BRANCH WARREN placed second with JUSTIN COMPTON in 3rd place.

In the Arnold Classic 212 it was a first time victory for the amazing JOSE RAYMOND of USA with Hidetada Yamagishi of Japan 2nd and Brazil’s Eduardo Correa in 3rd place.

In the inaugural Arnold Classic Pro Men’s Physique, SADIK HADZOVIC of USA took out the title from Jason Poston.

See the Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to JIM MANION.

This was a multiple camera shoot using HD cameras.

Video Contents:
The video commences with the Complete Pro Men’s Physique and the Arnold 212 Prejudging and Finals followed by the Pro Men’s Prejudging.

IFBB President’s speech
Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to Jim Manion by Arnold.
Arnold’s speech & Movie Preview
All rounds of the Arnold Classic
Cyr DB Lift

OSU Men’s Glee Club – Medley & National Anthem
2015 Arnold Amateur Champions Presentation
Arnold thanks Sponsors
Photo Gallery

The Complete Men’s Results:

Arnold Classic Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

1. Dexter Jackson – USA  (Photo Gallery)
2. Branch Warren – USA  (Photo Gallery)
3. Justin Compton – USA
4. Cedric McMillan – USA
5. Evan Centopani – USA
6. Roelly Winklaar – Curacao  (Photo Gallery)
7. Brandon Curry – USA
8. Ben Pakulski – Canada
9. Vitaley Fateev – Russia
10. Toney Freeman – USA  (Photo Gallery)
11. Marius Dohne – South Africa
12. Lionel Beyeke – France
13. Michael Kefalianos – Australia

Pro 212
1. Jose Raymond – USA
2. Hidetada Yamagishi – Japan  (Photo Gallery)
3. Eduardo Correa – Brazil  (Photo Gallery)
4. Aaron Clark – USA
5. Charles Dixon – USA
6. Cory Mathews – USA
7. Marco Rivera – USA
8. Shaun Joseph-Tavernier – UK
9. Angel Rangel Vargas – Mexico

Pro Men’s Physique
1. Sadik Hadzovic – USA
2. Jason Poston – USA
3. Anton Antipov – USA
4. Matt Acton – USA
5. Xavisus Gayden – USA
6. Mark Anthony Wingson – USA
7. Andre Adams – USA
8. Michael Anderson – USA
9. George Brown – USA
10. Rodney Razor – USA
11. Felipe Franco – Brazil

2015 Arnold Strongman Classic winner:  Brian Shaw – USA

This Event is Officially Sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League

Wayne Gallasch for 212 Class PJ, additional video footage & editing

DVD Authoring, editing & Cover Design:  Ollie Parke

DVD & Blu-Ray Produced by GMV PRODUCTIONS