Basil Francis – Mr. Universe (Download)

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Giant 270lb (123 Kg) Basil Francis pumped and posed for us in this tape shot on the day after he won the NABBA Amateur Universe overall title.


Basil Francis – Mr. Universe

Giant 270lb (123 Kg) Basil Francis pumped and posed for us in this ‘muscle worship’ style DVD we shot on the day after he won the Overall NABBA Amateur Universe title. He has also won a Professional Mr. World title, Mr. Britain, Mr. Europe and top EFBB British titles, and more.

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As an ex-Rugby football player, who scared most opponents off the field, Basil is a man-mountain at a height of 6’2″ (190 cms). He is a huge man with genuine 22″ arms and is one of England’s most popular bodybuilders of all time. Many contest highlights are included as Basil competes with his peers.



There were 3 huge events in September 1987. On the 12th it was the NABBA Amateur Universe, won overall by Basil.
Then on September 19th in Antwerp it was the NABBA Worlds, and Basil won tall class 1 and narrowly lost the overall to Olev Annus.
Next weekend on 26th September in UK it was the Amateur Super Body Power Classic, held with the NABBA Pro Mr Universe.

Basil was entered for the Pro Universe but deciding not to go up against Annus again, the eventual Pro winner, and entered the Super Body Power Classic instead. Basil won his class and then won overall Mr SBP Classic of 1987. I did not put out a separate video or DVD on this SBP amateur event, but will include the highlights in a future Classic Collection DVD. Most of the same top competitors were in the Amateur Universe DVD from 2 weeks before.


The SBP show had the 1988 NABBA Pro Universe contest as the main event, and Basil made his Pro debut that day. He placed an outstanding 3rd in a very hot field where the results were as follows:

1988 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe Results:
1 Charles Clairmonte
2 Jerry Scalesse
3 Basil Francis
4 Marlon Darton
5 Eugene Laviscount
6 Jeff King
7 Rufus Howard

Basil’s NABBA & WABBA Contest History:

Mr Britain – NABBA, 3rd

Mr Britain – NABBA, Tall, 3rd

1987 – NABBA
Britain –  Tall, 1st
Britain –  Overall Winner
NABBA Universe –  Tall, 1st
NABBA Universe –  Overall Winner
World Championships – NABBA, Tall, 1st

Universe – Pro – NABBA, 3rd

Universe – Pro – NABBA, 3rd
World Championships – WABBA, Professional, 1st

Universe – Pro – NABBA, 3rd

Basil also won titles in the EFBB in England and gained his IFBB pro card.