Battle For The Olympia 2013 – 212: Part 2 (Download)

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See the top 212 lb athletes battle it out in the gym.  Part 2 of the The Battle for the Olympia 212 Edition features Flex Lewis, Guy Cisternino and Troy Alves.


Battle For The Olympia 2013 – 212lb Special Edition!  Part 2 Download 

Since 1996 we have released the Battle For The Olympia for the Open Class athletes, showcasing the best physiques in the world. Now, with the 212lb class in the IFBB we are proud to offer the FIRST ever Battle For The Olympia for the 212lb Class! See the top 212lb athletes battle it out in the gym and then, ultimately, on stage in Vegas! Flex Lewis takes home a win over heavy competition like David Henry, Jose Raymond, Kevin English and more!!

Part 2 Contents:

Guy Cisternino
Troy Alves
James ‘Flex’ Lewis

212 Olympia Showdown Results

1. James Flex Lewis – UK
2. David Henry – USA
3. Kevin English – USA
4. Jose Raymond – USA
5. Eduardo Correa – Brazil
6. Sami Al Haddad – Bahrain
7. Guy Cisternino – USA
8. Troy Alves – USA
9. Tricky Jackson – USA
10. Mark Dugdale – USA
11. Al Auguste – Haiti
12. Raul Carrasco Jimenez – Spain

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