FitExpo 2006 – Brute Force (Download)

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V-202  Digital Download  Duration:  90 mins  Sample Preview

From the 2006 Iron Man FitExpo, this DVD includes some of the best Strongest Man action ever seen on video.


FitExpo 2006 – Brute Force

This is the first exciting release is a series of videos from the 2006 Iron Man FitExpo. It includes some of the best Strongest Man action ever seen on video.

See the following strength features in this extravaganza of muscular “Brute Strength” in action. All Strongman events took place on the main stage of the FitExpo and it will be the same again in 2007.

In this order:

All American Strength Challenge – Strongman Contest: the complete deadlift medley.
SCOT MENDELSON – World Record Bench Press of 1008 lbs and further attempts.
Strongman Contest: Viking Press: the complete event.
Strongman Contest: Power Medley complete event including awards.
“Show us your Guns” curling competition with CHRIS COOK and ERIN FERRIES.

The results in the Strongman Contest were:

1. Travis Ortmayer
2. Jesse Marunde
3. David Ostlund
4. Mark Philippi
5. Odd Haugen
6. Josh Thigpen
7. Kevin Nee
8. Steve MacDonald
9. Jason Bergman
10. Reggie Barton
11. Grant Higa
12. Brian Hocker
13. Matt Metheney
14. Ryan Brown

Shot with two cameras, you will witness the most incredible bench press we have ever seen as 1000 lbs goes up with ease!