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Chris Cook - A Profile - Plus Chris Bennett

Chris Cook plus Chris Bennett (Download)

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GMV-563  Digital Download  Duration:  88 mins  Sample Clip

NPC Superstar and Mr. USA champion and IFBB Pro, CHRIS COOK pumps, oils, and poses for us poolside in Las Vegas.

Product Description

Chris Cook – A Profile: Plus Chris Bennett

Current NPC Superstar and current Mr. USA champion CHRIS COOK pumps, oils, and poses for us poolside in Las Vegas.  This segment runs for 20 minutes.  See Chris’s massive arms and shoulders in extreme closeup at his FitExpo seminar as he shows us and later explains how he built some of the best “cannonball delts” in the business.

Includes his interviews where he reveals he loves to get his shirt off to pose.  The Cook segment runs for a total of 70 minutes. Chris is now an IFBB Pro.

CHRIS BENNETT is the owner of possibly the “freakiest” largest biceps we have shot in years.  Also taped poolside in Las Vegas, Chris poses his arms from every possible angle for our cameras.  Mind blowing!!

Includes Bennett’s chat with us at the Expo plus his appearance and complete posing routine in the NABBA Universe competition.
The Chris Bennett segments runs for 18 mins.