Classic Collection # 3 (Download)

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GMV-285  Digital Download   Duration:  60 mins   Sample Clip

The 3rd DVD in our Classic Collection series features the bodybuilding stars of the sixties and seventies in an outstanding collection of the greatest names of the period.


Classic Collection # 3

The 3rd DVD in our Classic Collection series features the stars of the sixties and seventies in an outstanding collection of the greatest names of the period. See champions such as Bill Pearl, Frank Zane, Dave Draper, Ed Corney, Joe Nista, Franco Columbu, Mike Katz, Rick Wayne, Steve Reeves, Chet Yorton, Freddy Ortiz, Harold Poole, Marlon Darton and so the incredible list goes on and on.

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Frank Zane
Dave Draper
Franco Columbu

See these stars posing at their peak with some scenes of pumping and training as an added bonus. Shot mostly on colour film with some B&W footage, digitally transferred to DVD with copyright free music added.

Here is a complete list of contents in order seen:
  • Joe Nista, John Tristram, Harold Poole at the 1964 IFBB Mr America.
  • Ed Corney, Don Ross, Mike Katz, Franco Columbu guest posing in the mid 70s.
  • Rick Wayne training and posing in the late 60s.
  • Steve Reeves guest posing at the 1957 AAU Mr USA.
  • Dave Draper training and posing in a gym, early 70s.
  • Dave Draper and Frank Zane guest posing at the 1970 IFBB Mr Europe in Essen, Germany (V-151DVD).
  • Bill Pearl and Dennis Tinerino guest posing 1980/1981.
  • Carlos Rodriguez and Marlon Darton posing on the beach at Marina del Rey, CA, 2nd July, 1978.
  • Franco deadlifting and posing at the 1977 IFBB Mr America.
  • 1977 Gold’s Gym Mr America Parade in Santa Monica, including Ken Waller on an elephant, Bill Grant, Pete Grymkowski, Dave Dupre, Tony Pearson, Manuel Perry, Bert Goodrich and Dan Lurie.
  • Chet Yorton and Freddy Ortiz at the 1964 IFBB Mr America.
  • Early Steve Reeves, George Eiferman, Dick Dubois competing and beach posing, year almost certainly 1957. (Thanks to customer Randy Maloney)

Special thanks for research to Dr. David New. Footage from 1970 and onwards was shot by Wayne Gallasch.