Classic Collection # 5 (Download)

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Highlights includes snippets from the 1966 NABBA Universe, Jack Delinger, Paul Wynter, Earl Maynard, Rock Stonewall, Arnold S, Chester Yorton, Rick Wayne, and many more great champions.


See all new material in this Classic Collection Edition #5.

Presenting more of the physique stars of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s in this massive extravaganza of old time classic bodybuilders. From our film archives, we have an even greater number of stars in this edition from our precious 16 mm and 8 mm films.  Parts of this video are in black and white, with colour for those parts filmed after approximately 1970. The period covered in this video is the pre 60’s through to the mid 70’s. Copyright free music has been added.

Highlights includes snippets from the 1966 NABBA Universe, Jack Delinger, Paul Wynter, Earl Maynard, Rock Stonewall, Arnold S, Chester Yorton, Rick Wayne, Clint Beyerle, John Citrone, Freddy Ortiz, Bill Pearl, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, Larry Scott, Sergio and many more great champions.
See complete list below with contents in order shown, thanks to David New.

FRONT COVER PHOTOS: Main photo Clint Beyerle, from top left – John Hewlett & Vern Weaver, Chet Yorton, John Citrone & Arnold Schwarzenegger, Freddy Ortiz, Don Peters.

REAR COVER PHOTOS: 1966 NABBA Universe lineup, Mike Dayton, Chet Yorton, Bertil Fox.

Photos courtesy David New, George Greenwood and Wayne Gallasch.

Classic Collection #5 Contents:

Jack Delinger, Melvin Wells at the 1949 AAU Mr. America
Sig Klein
Jack Delinger receiving trophy at 1949 AAU Mr. America
1966 NABBA Mr. Universe prejudging. Click here for the 1966 NABBA UNIVERSE RESULTS.
Professional: Paul Wynter, Rick Wayne, Vern Weaver, George Payne
Class 1: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Photo Gallery), Vic Downs, Paul Nash
Class 2: Line-up and posing, including Roy Perrott, William Betsalel, Al Beckles and John Bubb
Class 3: John Citrone, Wilf Sylvester, Brian House, Harry McFarlane
Freddy Ortiz posing (probably mid to late 60s)
1964 NABBA Amateur Universe prejudging, including comparisons and posing with Vern Weaver, John Hewlett and Roy Perrott
John Citrone at 1965 NABBA North Britain (Photo Gallery)
Earl Maynard curling onstage and posing
Bill Pearl at 1967 NABBA Universe prejudging (Photo Gallery)
Chet Yorton, Hugo Labra and Rock Stonewall at IFBB Mr. America (probably 1964)
Steve Reeves (Photo Gallery) and Clancy Ross at 1957 Mr. USA
Clancy Ross posing and muscle control
Young Brian Eastman posing
Robby Robinson, Dale Adrian and Clint Beyerle at 1975 AAU Mr. America
Walter Bubenicek posing at IFBB contest in late 70s
Franco Columbu deadlifting and bar-bending on 5th Feb, 1972 at Mr. Southern Hemisphere Universe in Australia
Freddy Ortiz
Mike Dayton at 1975 AAU Mr. America
Sergio Oliva guest posing (1984 or 1985) (Photo Gallery)
Robby Robinson onstage in late 70s
Bertil Fox winning 1976 NABBA Mr. Britain
Dave Draper onstage posing
Mike Katz, Dave Draper, Rick Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger at 1970 IFBB America/World/Olympia show
Young Pete Grymkowski competing
A middle aged Jack Delinger guest posing
Ken Waller and Don Peters (probably 1971 IFBB Mr. America)
Frank Zane guest posing 1970
Rick Wayne training/posing in gym
Larry Scott posing in outstanding condition  (Photo Gallery)
Don Howorth and Chet Yorton (at the 1964 or 1966 IFBB Mr. America)
Reg Park posing  (mid-to late 60s)

David New’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early contest history 1963 – 1966”  The article also includes competitive weightlifting and powerlifting history 1963 – 1968.

A listing of all DVDs in which ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER appears or is mentioned.