Classic Collection # 9 (Download)

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This is a brand new extravaganza of old time classic bodybuilders. Very rare bodybuilding history and worth preserving for posterity. Features 1957 Mr & Miss USA Pageant, with Vince Gironda, Steve Reeves and more.



Classic Collection # 9: Classic Contests from 1957 & 1964, and much more.

Photo Galleries
Steve Reeves
Reg Park
Bill Pearl
John Grimek
Vince Gironda

The Highlights – Seen in this order:

1. 1957 Mr & Miss USA Pageant featuring Dick DuBois, Reg Lewis, Vince Gironda, Zabo, Timmy Leong etc. Guest posers were Steve Reeves, Clancy Ross, Reg Park.

1957 Mr USA Results:

1. Dick DuBois
2. Reg Lewis
3. Vince Gironda
4. Millard Williamson
5. Irvin Koszewski (Zabo)
6. Timmy Leong
7. Ray Schaefer

Most Muscular tie:
1. Ray Schaefer
1. Bob Shealey

2. The 1964 Mr Western America Contest featuring Don Howorth, Millard Williamson etc, and Bill Pearl’s strength act.

3. The 1996 Mr Muscle Beach at Venice Beach Contest, September 2nd, with a Life Time Achievement Award presented to Pudgy Stockton, many famous faces present, posing by Janet Marchi and others.

4. 1996 Scenes at the famous Foothill Gym at Monrovia, CA.

5. 1996, Vince Gironda’s 79th birthday Party, 11 months before he passed away. Includes film of Gironda posing at his peak.

6. 1996 Behind the scenes at the Iron Man Head Office.

7. Steve Reeves posing in the movie “Athena”.

8. 1988 Highlights from the AOBS 6th Annual Reunion Dinner in NY with scenes of many famous legends of the sport, too many to name.
Highlights are hearing closing words from Steve Reeves and John Grimek. Reeves receives numerous awards.


This whole video is in BLACK & WHITE, and due to the age of the footage, it is far from perfect with brief glitches in places. But it is very rare history and worth preserving for posterity.

This is a brand new extravaganza of old time classic bodybuilders. Our thanks to John Balik for sharing this material with us.