Denis Sergovskiy (Download)

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GMV-732  Digital Download  Duration:  96 mins Sample Clip

Featuring Denis Sergovskiy, Ray Arde, Con Demetriou & Sergey Shelestov.  Training and Posing







Denis is 6’ tall and around 225lbs at the time we shot this workout DVD. We first saw Denis’s photo posted on the internet after a contest in Venice Beach, CA in June 2007. Our Las Vegas associate Dr Richard Rossan tracked him down and to our amazement discovered that Denis was also a resident of Las Vegas. Richard had his first photo shoot with Denis in August, 2007. When I saw the test photos I was immediately impressed and put DENIS SERGOVSKIY onto my “wanted list” for a DVD production in 2008.

2 further photo shoots followed, all outstanding sessions with this extremely popular new young pro and physique model.   Denis came to Las Vegas from Russia several years ago to pursue his career in both show business and bodybuilding. He subsequently obtained his pro card in Russia and hopes to make his professional debut at the 2009 Iron Man Pro in Los Angeles. He is in his mid 20s and for all his fans, both men and women – he is still single.

When we were shooting the DVD in Gold’s Gym, Las Vegas, a group of fans followed him through each exercise.  In all my years of shooting videos in gyms, I have never seen fans following one of the models I have been working with like this before!
Denis’ segment runs 31 mins.


Con is also 6’ tall and weighed around 230 lbs in our Las Vegas poolside shoot on Olympia Sunday, one week after his appearance in the Atlantic City Pro. He is shredded and in fantastic contest condition having stayed on his diet ready for this DVD shoot. Con has won the IFBB Australian title 5 or 6 times and made his pro debut at the 2008 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. We incorporate segments from this appearance, plus his gym training in Melbourne on the day after the GP . He demonstrates some of his favourite exercises, with tensing and posing and loads of photos.

The final part of Con’s DVD segment shows him posing poolside under the blazing Las Vegas sunshine, sweat dripping down his vascular striated body,.  He is also  pumping, posing and tensing to the max. He ends with some duo poses with fast rising young NPC star CRAIG GOLIAS. Final photos are taken with Con in the pool. Here is Australia’s top new pro in his debut year in the big time! We hear that Con will be bringing out his own training DVD in 2009.
This segment runs 21 mins.


Ray Arde Photo Galleries

Ray is one of the world’s top bodybuilders and physique models. His segment features him pumping, oiling and posing in a Las Vegas garden, naturally in brilliant sunshine.  Sting-Ray Arde in his interview spoke of his ambition to one day grace the Olympia stage.
Later we had a second shoot with Ray in the gym.

He was in rock hard condition as he showed us some of his favourite exercises along with more posing. The segment concludes with his appearance at the 2008 Iron Man Pro where he was well received by the appreciative audience. With his massive V-shape and rock hard abs, Ray certainly has the total package!

He placed first at the 2008 IFBB Houston Pro in the 202 Class and also competed in the 202 Class at the 2008 Olympia.
Special thanks to Richard Rossan for the Ray Arde shoots.


Sergey Shelestov, like Denis, is also a native of Russia. In his segment on this 2 disc DVD set, see Sergey working out on the day after the Aussie GP, posing for photos, plus on-stage posing highlights from the 2008 Australian Grand Prix. He is a mass-monster – a rock hard bodybuilder in top condition in the DVD.

2008 has been a huge competition year for Sergey
with the following results:
Australian Grand Prix Australia – 7th
New Zealand Grand Prix – 4th
Romanian Grand Prix – 4th
Mr. Olympia – Unplaced.
Sergey’s segment runs 8 mins.