Dorian Yates – Blood & Guts: Workout (Download)

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This is the 15th ANNIVERSARY EDITION of the original ULTIMATE VERSION of DORIAN YATES BLOOD & GUTS video : The ORIGINAL legendary Workout


Dorian Yates – Blood & Guts

This is the 15th ANNIVERSARY EDITION of the original ULTIMATE VERSION of DORIAN YATES BLOOD & GUTS video: The ORIGINAL legendary Workout

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* This video contains the original 63 minutes, BLOOD & GUTS DVD. Witness the intensity and determination as we follow the near 300lb multi Mr. Olympia winner DORIAN YATES through a genuine ‘no holds barred’ hardcore workout. See the weights used and feel the supreme effort that has moulded Dorian Yates into the world’s most massive bodybuilder.

* 25 minutes of DUGDALE OUT-TAKES where you see informal footage of Dorian at the gym, hear him coaching Mark, hear his comments on others in the industry, see Dorian coaching the massive ZACK KHAN (a top British amateur at the time who now has his Pro Card). You also see Kevin Horton who shot the original gym workout explaining why most of it was presented in B&W. Plus much more.


Born in Hurley, Staffordshire, near Birmingham, England, Dorian Yates commenced working out in 1983. The man dubbed “The Shadow” (by FLEX Editor-in-Chief Peter McGough) shone a new light of awareness onto training methods with his brief but very high-intensity workouts.

After some important victories in England – 1985 Novice Championships and 1986 and 1988 British Championships – Yates visited New York for the 1990 Night of Champions and, in his pro debut, he took second place to Mohamed Benaziza.   He vowed that next year he would return to win this contest. He did!

In 1991, Yates was the runner-up at the Olympia to Lee Haney, who won his eighth record-setting Olympia and then retired.  From 1992 through 1997, Yates dominated the sport’s highest title with 6 Sandows in a row.  In 1994, he overcame a torn biceps to win the crown. In 1997, his most valiant victory came when he tore a triceps three weeks prior to the contest, but still battled on to victory.

Due to the injury, Yates was forced to retire at the peak of his career, with a pro record of 15 wins and two second-place finishes. Being a six-time Mr Olympia should say it all, especially when you consider the freakiness with which he redefined all the parameters of bodybuilding. He is truly a legend of the sport and to many people, the greatest bodybuilder of all time!
Dorian ran the famous Temple Gym in Birmingham and now has his own line of supplements – DY.


Born: April 19, 1962
Birthplace: Hurley, Staffordshire, England.
Height: 5′ 10″
Off Season Weight: 290 lbs
Competition Weight: 265 lbs


In a pro career encompassing 17 contests, Dorian Yates scored 15 victories and 2-second places, giving him an 88% winning percentage. This is the highest percentage of any IFBB Pro.


1985    EFBB West Coast Championships, Morecambe  1st (intermediates)    210 pounds
1985    World Games, London  7th heavyweights      210 pounds
1986    EFBB West Coast Championships, Morecambe  1st heavyweights      216 pounds
1986    EFBB British Championships, London  1st heavyweights 214 pounds (Overall won by light heavy Chris Oskys)
1988    EFBB British Championships, London  1st heavyweights 226 pounds (And also Overall champion)


1990    Night of Champions; New York 2nd       228 pounds
1991    Night of Champions; New York 1st       235 pounds
1991    Mr. Olympia; Orlando, Florida  2nd       240 pounds
1991    English Grand Prix; Nottingham, England  1st        238 pounds

1992    Mr. Olympia; Helsinki, Finland  1st        242 pounds
1992    English Grand Prix; Nottingham, England   1st        242 pounds
1993    Mr. Olympia; Atlanta, Georgia  1st        257 pounds
1994    Mr. Olympia; Atlanta, Georgia  1st        260 pounds
1994    Spanish Grand Prix; Madrid, Spain  1st       252 pounds
1994    German Grand Prix; Duisburg, Germany   1st       252 pounds
1994    English Grand Prix; Nottingham, England  1st       252 pounds

1995    Mr. Olympia; Atlanta, Georgia   1st       255 pounds
1996    Mr. Olympia; Chicago, Illinois  1st      257 pounds
1996    Spanish Grand Prix; Madrid, Spain   1st      260 pounds
1996    German Grand Prix; Darmstadt, Germany 1st     260 pounds
1996    English Grand Prix; Nottingham, England  1st      260 pounds
1997    Mr. Olympia; Long Beach, California   1st      265 pounds
Special thanks to Peter McGough for these details.