1987 Lamps Mr. Capital City UK (Download)

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A big contest from the mid-80’s UK Bodybuilding scene.  Guest Poser: Keith Whitley – USA.   Keith won the Tall Class in the 1985 AAU Junior Mr. America.



1987 Lamps Mr. Capital City UK

Grateful thanks to bodybuilding historian David New, who had a contest report in his remarkable archives.  So, we now know that this event was held at the Hornsey Town Hall on 25th July 1987; and we have partial results.

Guest Poser: Keith Whitley – USA.   Keith was a Mr; California; gained 2nd place in Mr. America (Tall Class) and won the Tall Class in the 1985 AAU Junior Mr. America.

The Overall Winner – Greg Barker – got a fabulous prize of an all expenses paid trip to USA for 7 days to train with Lance Dreher and Larry Bernstein, as well as being a guest at the first NABBA USA finals.  A dream trip, that’s for sure.

Men’s First Timers

1  Andrew Dennehy
2  Dean Bailey
3  Patrick Bhavon
4  Steve Bowtell
5  Martin Kelly
6  Audley Baker
DNP  George Christofi
Simon Day
Michael Decoteau
Chuck Douglas
Simeone Panizzi
Mark Innes
Johnnie Lewis
Rom Russo
Richard Taffinder
Mark Andrews
Nick Watmough
Paul Weight
Martyn White

Men’s Teenage

1  Remo Alvarez
2  Carl Robinson
3  Roger Howard
4  Tony Eastman
5 Simon Haile
6 Darren Antoine
DNP:  Nicholas Gray
Hamid Mohajerani
Lloyd Allen

Men’s Masters

1  Jim Richards
2  Paul Standing
3  Paul Larman
4  Allan Clark
5  Colin Gilham
6  David Russell

Men’s Short Class

Greg Barker (Overall Winner)
2  Derek Duke
3  Mike Quinn
4  Stephen Smith
5  Leon East
6  Derek Lyons
DNP:  Pradip Kumar Chatterjee
Peter Constantilieris
Christopher Cross
Steve Diggle
Paul Gamble
Ken Halsackda
Marcus Johnson
Christopher Albert

Men’s Medium

1  Vince D’Allesandro
2  Ashley Marks
3  Shu-Ho Yip
4  Eldon Bruno Jnr
5  Patrick Kirby
6  Keith Bruton
DNP:  Spiros Lakonitis
Adam Blackwell
Stephen James

Men’s Medium/Tall

1  Dukes Adoki
Danny McFarlane
Michael Santucci
Paul Scott
Leslie Smith
Richie Superville

Men’s Tall

1  Michael Willson
2  Neil Mumby
3  Axel Cleghorn
4  Tony Russell
5  Neville Nairn
6  Chris Hunter
DNP:  Mark Ricketts
Tony Tate