Legends Reunion at World Gym (Download)

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This wonderful event was held at the World Gym Corporate Headquarters, Marina del Rey, California on October 25th, 2000. Legendary Gene Mozée was the compere as he introduced some of the great legends of the Iron Game,  such as LARRY SCOTT, LOU FERRIGNO, DAVE DRAPER, TOM PLATZ, MICKEY HARGITAY and many more.




This wonderful event was held at the World Gym Corporate Headquarters, Marina del Rey, California on October 25th, 2000. Legendary Gene Mozée was the MC as he introduced some of the great legends of the Iron Game.  This was a rare celebration and opportunity for Bill Comstock to gather together Wayne’s friends and associates in celebration of the legends and immortals of bodybuilding, thanks also to the kindness of Joe Gold.

Champions such as LARRY SCOTT, LOU FERRIGNO, DAVE DRAPER, TOM PLATZ, MICKEY HARGITAY, ED FURY, BOB PARIS, ZABO, JOE GOLD, ROBBY ROBINSON, BRAD HARRIS, ERNIE SANTIAGO, CLINT BEYERLE and AL BECKLES – attended, to name just a few. Every attendee is listed in the DVD and many are interviewed by Wayne or Gene.  Wayne has been a pioneer of bodybuilding films and videos from his first stills in the mid 1960’s to the present day.

Robby Robinson created a special cat sculpture which he presented to Wayne. Dave Draper also presented Wayne with a copy of his brand new book “Brother Iron, Sister Steel: A Bodybuilder’s Book.”


REMEMBERING JOE GOLD – click here for the tribute to Joe Gold by Wayne Gallasch.

Disc #1 is the complete Reunion video on video. Reunion running time: 70 minutes plus extra scene 15 minutes. EXTRAS:
Includes a wonderful interview with MICKEY HARGITAY, 15 minutes. (This extra scene was shot with Mickey Hargitay at his home in West Hollywood, in the Hollywood Hills. Shot on the morning prior to the Legends Reunion with interviewer Clive Jaques.)

We include our complete and extensive collection of REUNION PHOTOS taken by Jerry Fredrick, Clive Jaques and Wayne Gallasch. As far as we can tell, every single attendee is included at least once in the photos!

Many thanks to the event sponsors, who were:
World Gym
Iron Man Magazine
Ivanko Barbell Co. Tom Lincir

The Photo Gallery in the DVD includes photos showing every single person who attended with photos by Fredrick and Jaques.  Also my thanks to JOE GOLD for allowing me to hold my reunion at his WORLD GYM. See Joe right of center, blue World Gym T-shirt.


Read Wayne’s Hard News Reunion Report from this event which includes a complete list of attendees and links to the various DVDs they appear in.

The WORLD GYM LEGENDS REUNION REPORT by Dave Draper’s IronOnline.  October, 2000.

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Larry Scott & Mrs. Rachel Scott  (Photo Gallery)
Mike Glass
Chuck Mahoney
Armand Tanny
Paula Boelsems
Glenn Sundby
Rory Leidelmeyer
Joe Valdez
Gordon Wong
Don Howorth
Bill Cunningham
Don Arnold & Mrs. Arnold
Ed Fury & Sheri Fury
Pat O’Brien
Steve Downs
Bob Paris  (Photo Gallery)
Charlie Fautz
Harold Zinkin & Mrs. Zinkin
Bob Delmonteque
Dave Draper and Laree Draper
Mandy Tanny
Zabo Koszewski
Ed Giuliani
Peter Lupus
Lou Ferrigno  (Photo Gallery)
Tom Platz and Cha Platz  (Photo Gallery)
Victor Konovalov
Bill Smith
Gloria Pall
Mickey Hargitay & Ellen Hargitay  (Photo Gallery)
Roy Goldman
Bill Pettis
Robby Robinson  (Photo Gallery)
Mohammad El Moussawi  (Photo Gallery)
Gary Zamora
Mike Uretz
John Isaacs
Jon Jon Park
Leroy Colbert
Joe Gold
Gordon Mitchell
Bill Comstock
Kip Behar
Bill Howard
Lynn Conkwright
Vince Taylor  (Photo Gallery)
Brad Harris
Lizzy Taylor & Peter Hellmann
Gene Mozée
George Helmer
Tom Lincir
Jerry Fredrick
Kevin Thomas
Ernie Santiago & Mrs. Santiago  (Photo Gallery)
Jerome Fergusson
Martina Sharp
Dr. John Gourgott
Albert Beckles & Mrs. Beckles  (Photo Gallery)
Bill Dobbins
Steve Merjanian
Michael Bell
Clint & Cathy Beyerle (Photo Gallery)
Seymour Koenig
Markus Reinhardt
Clive Jaques
James Cook
Nercy Navab
Nima Kiani
Heather Tristany
Daniel L. Nelson
Eddie Espinoza
Negrita Jayde
Steve Cepello (Steve Strong)
Wayne Gallasch

*On Sept. 3, 2007 there was a ceremony at Muscle Beach to create a “Walk of Fame” for Body Builders.  They gave Mickey Hargitay a Tribute on Labour Day with a plaque on the “new” Walk of Fame”. They will also honour Jack LaLanne with a Lifetime Achievement Award.