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MuscleSport Video Magazine Download

MuscleSport USA Video Magazine (Download)

AUD $5.00

A-4006  Digital Download  Duration:  58 mins  Sample Clip

Classic video magazine from 1993.  Includes Shawn Ray, Lee Haney, Lenda Murray, George Butler, contest highlights and much more.

Product Description

MuscleSport Video Magazine from USA

  • Shawn Ray guest posing and interview
  • George Butler – Director of Pumping Iron
  • The Russians are coming
  • Lenda Murray cooks up a storm
  • Lee Haney guest poses
  • Dr. Palmer – Female bodybuilding clinic
  • Dr. Fetto – Sports Clinic
Plus highlights from:

Rich Gaspari Classics
Iron Man Competition
Tips from Bev Francis … and much more.

A classic video magazine from 1993.