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Petr Vanis: Mr. Universe – Training (Download)

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GMV-850B  Digital Download  Duration:  80 mins  Sample Clip

This video takes you through his full body workout, shot on the day after he competed in the 2012 IFBB 212 Showdown in Las Vegas. Plus poolside pumping and posing.


Petr Vanis – Training to Win

Petr Vanis is a champion Czech bodybuilder and multi-title winner who squats 595lbs for repetitions in his training prior to competitions. He is super strong and also benches with 240 kg.  I have followed Petr’s brilliant career for some years, and he always competes in super-ripped, rock-hard condition, and to many he is “the beast” from the Czech Republic!

This video takes you through Petr’s  full body workout, shot on the day after he competed in the 2012 IFBB 212 Showdown in Las Vegas. There is also poolside pumping and posing, although primarily this is a hard core workout video.

Petr is a fierce competitor who runs the PeVan Life Gym Prague, Czech Republic. He specialises in Physical Fitness & Bodybuilding, Nutrition Advice and is a Personal Trainer.  Petr now has 2 gyms.  One is gym is at at Šaldova 388/5, Karlín, and he opened the second gym in Prague in 2012.

Petr currently competes as a Professional in the IFBB 212 Class.

Petr Vanis Contest History      

Major Titles:

NABBA & NAC Mr. Universe, NABBA & WABBA Mr. World, NABBA Mr. Europe

IFBB European Amateur Championships, Light-HeavyWeight, 12th

IFBB World Amateur Championships, Light-HeavyWeight, 4th

NABBA European Championships, Medium, 1st
NABBA World Championships, Medium, 3rd

NABBA Mr Universe, Medium, 3rd
NABBA World Championships, Medium, 1st

NABBA Mr Universe, Medium, 1st

NAC Universe, Medium, 2nd
NABBA Universe, Professional, 2nd
WABBA World Championships Professional, 4th
WABBA World Championships, Short, 1st

NAC Universe, Medium, 1st
NABBA Universe, Professional, 3rd
WABBA World Championships, Short, 2nd

IFBB Arnold Amateur Europe, HeavyWeight, 9th
IFBB Sacramento Pro Championships, 4th

IFBB Olympia, 212 Showdown, 16th