Powerlifter Video Magazine # 14 ( Download)

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A-4205  Digital Download   Duration:  50 mins  Sample clip

This edition features 4 of the most popular men in powerlifting and bodybuilding in ANTHONY CLARK, CHRIS CONFESSORE, SCOTT WERNER and FRANCO COLUMBU in an interview.


Powerlifter Video Magazine # 14

In this full live action video watch how the champions perform and train on the Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift. Understand top lifters’ techniques. This is #14 in the super popular series with each video around 55 minutes in length.  This edition features some of the most popular people in powerlifting in Craig Tokarski, James Morton, Richard Schoenberger, Tee Myers and Chris Lydon..


Craig Tokarski on bench;
Advanced deadlift tips;
Chris Lydon on chromium;
New comers James Morton and Richard Schoenberger;
Tee Myers new video;
Contest action.

Richard Schoenberger pictured front cover.