Strongman Battles of Strength Part 2 (Download)

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After winning this event 5 years in a row, many experts feel that Savickas can rightly lay claim to the title of THE STRONGEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED. This is based on total body pure old fashioned brute strength. Not speed and strength but sheer “animal” brute strength!


Strongman Battles of Strength – Part 2

From the Arnold Sports Festival.

* 6th Annual Arnold Strongman Classic.
* MHP Timber Lift (A new World Record time was achieved.)
* MHP Apollon’s Wheels.
* 2007 Arnold Sports Festival Armwrestling Preliminaries (men & women.)
* MHP Circus Dumbbell Lift (A new record was created.)
* Results and Presentations. Winner 5th time in a row, Zydrunas Savickas.

Bill Pearl congratulates Zydrunas Savickas on his recent Arnold Sports Festival Strongman victory.
Photo by Abakash Konopiaty

Competitors in the Strongman Competition at the Arnold Sports Festival:

Results including points:

1st Zydrunas Savickas – Lithuania    52 points.
2nd Vasyl Virastyuk – Ukraine           48 points.
3rd Andrus Murumets – Estonia         38.5 points.
4th Phil Pfister – USA                          36 points.
5th Oleksandr Pekanov – Ukraine       33 points.
5th Mikhail Koklyaev – Russia (tie)      33 points.
7th Brian Siders – USA                       28.5 points
8th Steve MacDonald – USA               23 points.
9th Karl Gillingham – USA                   19 points.
10th Travis Ortmayer – USA              17 points.

Photos courtesy  Arnold Sports Festival.