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Terry Mitsos Posing and Training download

Terry Mitsos – Training (Download)

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A-4099  Digital Download  Duration: 30 mins  Sample Clip

Terry Mitsos – 1990 NABBA Overall Amateur Mr. World: Training and diet discussion, plus posing.

Product Description

Terry Mitsos – Training for Muscle Growth & Development

Terry Mitsos – IFBB and NABBA Bodybuilding star. 1990 NABBA Overall Amateur Mr. World.

Mike Thompson owner of Nutra-life talks about the company, and then introduces Terry and shows him posing on stage.

There is an in-depth discussion on diet and supplements.

This is followed by chest workout, back, biceps, legs, shoulders, triceps, abs.

Terry discusses more on supplements and then the bodybuilding lifestyle and what it demands.

Finally more stage posing