Wilfried Dubbels – Golden Seventies: Part 1 (Download)

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WILFRIED DUBBELS AND THE “GOLDEN SEVENTIES” THEN AND NOW. POSING, NUTRITION and WORKOUT. In 1972 I discovered Junior Mr Germany, Wilfried Dubbels. I brought him to London for a film and photo shoot which introduced him to the bodybuilding world.


Wilfried Dubbels – Golden Seventies: Then and Now – Part 1

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This video presents a classic display from film and video of well defined, superbly conditioned muscle.   Wilfried Dubbels was one of the most popular European physique star/models of the 70’s.  He is 6′ tall at 200 pounds (approx 90 kilos) with a physique in the classic Reeves style. He was a popular physique model in the 70’s, posing for many different magazines and TV commercials. Wilfried was also featured on the cover of MuscleMag International.

Photo Gallery

In 1972 Wayne Gallasch discovered Junior Mr Germany, Wilfried Dubbels.  He brought Dubbels to London for a film and photo shoot which introduced him to the bodybuilding world. Wayne and Wilfried worked together again in Germany in 1975 and also in 1976.

In 2004, Wayne visited Wilfried at his home in Germany to record him again in photos and on video.  Wilfried told his life story in bodybuilding. Thirty two years after their first ever film shoot , Wilfried is still in fantastic shape in his 50s, as you will see.

Disc #1 has been re-edited and expanded by 28 minutes with an extra special feature which has been supplied by Wilfried himself.  It is an extensive workout filmed recently in 2005 in his home gym, and includes reflections on his career and life.

This DVD is a complete bodybuilding history of Wilfried from Wayne’s film, photo and video archives. See Wilfried in 1972 in London, posing in Hyde Park and in the London studio.  We then move to his gym workout and posing in Hamburg in 1975. Finally, there is Wilfried’s posing in Jenisch Park, Hamburg in 1976 and back there again to the same park in 2004.

We finish with a slide show of all our best photos of Wilfried, the ‘German Apollo’, from 1972 through to May, 2004.

85 minutes of classic muscle. All photos by Wayne Gallasch copyright Wayne and GMV Productions.