Young Guns Workout: Part 1 (Download)

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This video pays tribute to the new YOUNG GUNS of BODYBUILDING.   Featuring ELI BLAHUT – Age 22, CODY LEWIS – Age 20, TEDDY MARTY – Age 24.


The Young Guns Workout – Part 1

“The new breed of bodybuilders”   Featuring:


Part 1 Includes


This video pays tribute to the new YOUNG GUNS of BODYBUILDING. They represent the “New Breed” of bodybuilder who will be the future of the sport.

We present the most incredible young talent on the physique horizon for 2011 – with 3 young stars who just left their teenage years. The main focus of the DVD is their Hard Core Workout at Gold’s Gym, Las Vegas, immediately after the 2010 Olympia.

You will see some amazing training footage including a super-set from ELI BLAHUT that lasted around 15 minutes. It left him gasping on the floor! In particular, Eli and Teddy explain what they will be doing before each exercise – and why this is the way they train for best results.

Includes the spectacular poolside posing session as they pump and pose in the brilliant Las Vegas sunshine. Eli, Cody and Teddy  pump and pose individually, including some posing sequences while standing in the pool.   You will then see the titanic trio in an exciting group posedown. This is a fun, light heated segment, capturing the exciting mood of the Olympia weekend.

The 3 stars are:

ELI BLAHUT who is 22 and Junior Nationals Champion.
CODY LEWIS who is Teenage Nationals Heavyweight Champion.
TEDDY MARTY who is Muscle Mania Novice Heavyweight Champion.

Special Thanks:
Richard Rossan for financial assistance and for making these stars available to GMV.
Andy Olson for his hospitality, and use of his pool and garden.

Now for some brief bio information on each of our young stars:

Name: Eli “Smokin’ Aces” Blahut

DOB: 9/30/87:  Current Residence: Venice, CA

Contest History:
08′-  NPC VA/DC State Championships – lightweight – 1st
09′- NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding Championships – Welterweight – 1st
10′- NPC JR. Nationals – Middleweight – 1st
10′- NPC West Coast Classic – Light Heavyweight – 1st and Overall

Has Been Featured in:
Iron Man Magazine
Reps Magazine
Muscle and Performance Magazine
Muscle and Fitness Magazine
Exercise for Men Magazine

Eli Blahut Graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009 cum laude’ with a bachelors degree in Psychology and Religious Studies.   This was a week after he won his class at the 09′ Excalibur. Without a moments hesitation, he kept his sights set on bodybuilding success and drove to Venice, CA with his brother in a 1983 VW Camper to live behind Gold’s gym and pursue the 2010′ Jr. Nationals and West Coast Classic.

After giving it all up, he came out with victories and magazine publications.  Now he is preparing for the 2011 USA’s in hopes for his pro card and prays it is just one more stepping stone to the 202 Mr. Olympia stage and title. Eli has a solid sense of willpower and perseverance, and believes that great things come with great sacrifice.

He has never worked with a trainer or nutritionist and takes pride in his ability to research and apply, leading to well deserved consecutive wins.  Currently, he is working at a nutritional store, doing personal training, and studying acting while training for the USA’s. He does love his fans and can be reached at



Age 20:  DOB: 11/01/1990

Birthplace: Modesto CA

Height: 5’11”

Off season weight: 285lbs:  Contest weight: 225lbs

Goals: To attain a pro card

Started training at age 13

Competition list:
2007 Contra Costa Championships overall teen champion
2007 California Championships overall teen champion
2010 Teen Nationals Teen Heavyweight champion
2010 IFBB North American Nationals Teen Overall champion
Plans to compete in the 2011 Contra Costa Championships



DOB is Dec. 23, 1985.

Teddy Marty is a natural bodybuilder from Buffalo, New York. He is an independent trainer at World Gym.   Teddy has competed in 3 bodybuilding shows, having done the Mr. Buffalo twice in 2007 and 2010, placing 4th in 07 and 5th in 10.

Teddy recently competed in the Musclemania competition held in Las Vegas, winning his class as a novice heavyweight.