1973 IFBB Mr. Universe & 1975 IFBB Mr. Europe (DVD)

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V-156-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  103 mins  Sample Clip

Lou won the 1973 event taking his class and then the Overall title beating such ’70s stars as Mike Katz, Ken Waller, Al Beckles and Giuseppe Deiana. I feel that this was possibly the best Lou ever looked in amateur competition.



Several years ago my old friend Lou Ferrigno contacted me to see if I had film (video) of him competing in the 1973 IFBB Mr. Universe held in Geneva, Switzerland. Indeed I do! This classic film now forms the major part of this historic contest DVD, V-156DVD.

Lou won this event taking his class and then the Overall title beating such ’70s stars as Mike Katz, Ken Waller, Al Beckles and Giuseppe Deiana. I feel that this was possibly the best Lou ever looked in amateur competition. He truly dominated and took the overall Mr. Universe title that day in grand style.

The DVD consists of 33 minutes of Prejudging followed by 60 minutes of the evening Finals, pose down and awards. A total of 93 historic minutes from the 1973 IFBB Mr Universe.

I took the colour photo of PETER STACH on the rear cover, above, at the time I shot this film footage. See extra description below.

1973 IFBB Mr Universe – Results

Overall Winner: Lou Ferrigno

Tall Class
1   Lou Ferrigno USA
2   Ken Waller USA
3   Mike Katz USA
4   Francois Labrador FRANCE
5   Mehmet Gokcen TURKEY
6   Ben Herder HOLLAND

 Medium Class
1   Albert Beckles ENGLAND
2   Ahmet Enünlü TURKEY
3   Mederic Annette FRANCE
4   Harold Bonsfield MALTA
5   Serge Jacobs BELGIUM
6   Janko Rudman SWEDEN

Short Class
1   Giuseppe Deiana HOLLAND
2   Hubert Plumanns BELGIUM
3   Fredy Beranger FRANCE
4   Renato Bertagna ITALY
5   John Maldonado PUERTO RICO
6   Jose Diaz PUERTO RICO

The last 10 minutes of the DVD consists of highlights from the 1975 IFBB Mr. Europe contest held in Amsterdam, Holland on 6th September, 1975.
Peter Stach from the former Czechoslovakia was the standout physique in this event. He absolutely dominated the whole contest with his superb, ripped and symmetrical physique and classic posing.

My special thanks to Wilfried Dubbels who drove me to this contest from Germany and assisted me in the production of all of my filming and photos that day. See Wilfried in his own DVD which is GMV-586DVD.

1975 IFBB Mr Europe – Results
Tall Class
1   Ben Herder HOLLAND
2   Uwe Prink WEST GERMANY
3   Serge Lerus FRANCE
4   Klaus Aschober GERMANY
5   Roy Chavez ENGLAND

Klaus Aschober Photo Gallery
Roy Chavez Photo Gallery

Medium Class
2   Mederic Annette FRANCE
3   Janko Rudman SWEDEN
4   Serge Jacobs BELGIUM
5   Friedrich Weimer GERMANY

Short Class
1   Nicolas Kemp BELGIUM
2   Fredy Beranger FRANCE
3   Renato Bertagna ITALY
4   Frantz Lolia FRANCE
5   Jeffrey Alexander WALES, UK