1975 & 1978 Mr. Olympias & 1977 IFBB Mr. USA (DVD)

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See our classic contest highlights from 3 fabulous events. 1975 Mr. Olympia – Posing routines from the following: Frank Zane, Ed Corney, Al Beckles, Franco Columbu, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret and Lou Ferrigno. Kal Szkalak wins the USA plus all the top guys from the ’78 Olympia with Frank Zane winning his second Olympia title.


1975 & 1978 MR. OLYMPIAS & 1977 IFBB (AFAB) MR. USA

3 Classic Contests from the ’70s.

See our classic contest highlights from 3 fabulous events, shot on film and with background music added. The 1975 Olympia was held in Pretoria, South Africa and the 1978 Olympia was held in Columbus, Ohio.  Contents listed below in order seen in the DVD.

1975 Mr. Olympia

Under 200 lbs class lineup.
Posing routines from the following competitors:
Frank Zane, Ed Corney, Giuseppe Deiana and Al Beckles.
Next shown is the Guest Posing routine from the evening finals by BILL GRANT, the current 1974 Overall Mr. World winner.
Then the posing routine from class winner FRANCO COLUMBU.
Class Posedown and then top 3 pose on the victory podium with Franco 1st, Ed Corney in 2nd position and Al Beckles 3rd.
Over 200 lbs class lineup – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Serge Nubret.
¼ turns of the symmetry round
Posing by Lou Ferrigno, Serge Nubret and Arnold.
The top 3 posedown and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is awarded the title by Ben Weider.
More posing at the awards by Arnold and also by Serge who was 2nd and Lou who was 3rd.


1977 IFBB (AFAB) Mr. USA

Posing by Lionel Gaubert, John Burkholder, Dave Mastorakis, CF Smith, Steve Reed, Greg DeFerro, Ray Mentzer, Kal Szkalak.
Victory poses from each of the class winners as follows:
Lightweight winner JOHN BURKHOLDER.
Middleweight winner STEVE REED.
Heavyweight winner KAL SZKALAK
Overall award and victory poses by KAL SZKALAK.

1977 American Team Posedown at the 1977 USA to select the team for the 1977 IFBB Universe.
The following stars are shown posing:
John Burkholder, Roger Callard, Mike Mentzer, Danny Padilla and Kal Szkalak.
Concludes with top 3 with their trophy plaques as follows, with Kal Szkalak 1st, Danny in second place and Mike Mentzer 3rd.


1978 Mr. Olympia

Posing by the following competitors:
Frank Zane, Ed Corney, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Mohamed Makkawy, Ed Corney, Danny Padilla, Tony Emmott, Robby Robinson, Roy Callendar, Roger Walker, Dennis Tinerino and Kal Szkalak.

You will see the top guys several times during this contest.

FRANK ZANE was the Overall Winner of the event taking out his second Olympia title. (Final posedown and award to Frank was not captured.)


1975 Mr. Olympia
Overall Winner:  Arnold Schwarzenegger Austria

+200 lbs Class
1 Arnold Schwarzenegger Austria
2 Serge Nubret France
3 Lou Ferrigno USA

-200 lbs Class
1 Franco Columbu Italy
2 Ed Corney USA
3 Albert Beckles England
4 Frank Zane USA
5 Giuseppe Deiana Holland

1977 IFBB Mr USA
Overall Winner: Kalman Szkalak

1 Kalman Szkalak
2 Ray Mentzer
3 Greg DeFerro
4 Don Modzelewski

1 Steve Reed
2 David Mastorakis
3 C F Smith
4 Len Archambault

1 John Burkholder
2  Lionel Gaubert
3 James Gaubert
4 Ernesto Jiminez

1977 American Team Posedown at the USA for the 1977 IFBB Universe.
1 Kalman Szkalac
2 Danny Padilla
3 Mike Mentzer

1978 Mr. Olympia
Overall Winner: Frank Zane USA

+200 lbs Class
1 Robby Robinson USA
2 Roy Callendar Canada
3 Kalman Szkalak USA
4 Dennis Tinerino USA
5 Roger Walker Australia

-200 lbs Class
1 Frank Zane USA
2 Boyer Coe USA
3 Danny Padilla USA
4 Ed Corney USA
5 Tony Emmott England
6 Mohamed Makkawy Egypt
7 Bill Grant USA
8 Albert Beckles England

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