1987 NABBA Pro World Championships (DVD)

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The 2 Pro classes awarded NABBA Professional World titles for Men and Women. Pro Mr. World Alfred Krautgartner: Pro Ms. World Gabi Sievers.


1987 NABBA Pro World Championships

The Show – Men & Women

This massive and high class contest was held in Vienna, Austria. The 2 Pro classes awarded NABBA Professional World titles for Men and Women. The Austrian star Krautgartner dominated the field and showed too much size and condition for Venturato, Pastel and Nubret.

In the Pro Women’s class, it was a clearcut victory for the tall and glamorous Gabi Sievers from West Germany. Her shredded condition and great abs were too much for Claudia Profanter and the other top women to overcome.

The Mr. & Miss Austrian titles and Junior Mr. Austria constituted the very high quality Amateur Contest at this event. See RESULTS below.

1987 NABBA Professional World Championships
Kurhalle, Oberlaa, Vienna  Austria  April, 25th, 1987.

Professional Mr. World

1. Alfred Krautgartner – Austria
2. Pierro Venturato – Italy
3. Thierry Pastel – France
4. Serge Nubret – France
5. Vince Brown – UK
6. Dietmar Stoitzner – Austria
7. Roberto Zardinoni – Italy
8. Christian Gomba – France
9. Karl Hauer – Austria
10. Walter O’Malley – UK
11. Bill Hemsworth – UK

Professional Miss World

1. Gabi Sievers – W. Germany
2. Claudia Profanter – Italy
3. Marie-Laure Mahabir – France
4. P. Lococo – Italy
5. Jennifer Sargent – USA
6. Mary Zegeling – Holland
7. Anna Gileno – Italy

1987 Mr. & Miss Austria


Overall Mr. Austria: Walter Stollwitzer

Mr. Austria
Tall Class 1
1. Walter Stollwitzer
2. H. Berninger
3. W. Innerhuber

Medium Class 2
1. Harald Rumpler
2. Ernst Gemeinhardt
3. Gunter Reischl

Short Class 3
1. Josef Adler
2. G. Stogerer
3. Wolfgang Weitenthaler


Overall Junior Mr. Austria: Andreas Weitenthaler

Tall Class
1. Thomas Styblo
2. G. Lang
3. W. Heiling

Short Class
1. Andreas Weitenthaler
2. R. Lengyil
3. H. Helbig

Miss Austria

Overall Miss Austria: Sabine Baumgartner

Tall Class 1
1. Eva Gemeinhardt
2. S. Geitner
3. Sabine Steinbach

Short Class 2
1. Sabine Baumgartner
2. Elisabeth Adamec
3. E. Kuhas