1989 NABBA Mr. Britain – Prejudging (DVD)

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A-0575-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  174 mins  Sample Clip

See the complete Men’s Prejudging, posing and comparisons, which includes many well known British stars. No video record of the Show remains, so this is a rare and important record of this event.


1989 NABBA Mr. Britain – Prejudging

In this DVD you will see some of the best British bodybuilders in the world. In fact these are the very best of the best male bodybuilders at the NABBA British Nationals for 1989.

See where the brilliant National Level career started for EDDY ELLWOOD who was the Overall Mr. Britain winner for this year. He then went on to have a record breaking  career in the NABBA Universe, winning 5 Professional titles in a row. He also obtained an IFBB Pro card before returning to the NABBA Universe to set that record of 5 consecutive Professional victories.

This is a brand new release, never offered by GMV before on VHS. In part this was due to the fact that this is the only footage of the men from the 1989 NABBA Britain. The cameraman shooting this contest had a technical problem in the evening and no video of the evening show exists.

1989 NABBA Mr. Britain – Results:

Overall Winner: Eddy Ellwood 

Tall Class 1
1   Eddy Ellwood
2   Shaun Davis
3   Rocky Foster
4   Ivon Jackson
5   Phil Peters
6   Allen Yates
7   John Parker
8   Vince Vasiliou

Medium Class 2
1   Tony Francis
2   Peter Reid
3   David Kilroy
4   Graeme Corner
5   Warren Treasure
6   Roger Bartley
7   Robert Richards
8   Vincent Wedderburn

Short Class 3
1   Robert Wall
2   Terry Fisher
3   Billy Jones
4   Nicky Cheung
5   Colin Wright
6   Paul Patterson
7   James Young
8   Mark Parsons

Junior Class 
1   Paul Hyre
2   Clint Dye
3   Andy Polhill
4   Elliot Lee
5   Darren McCabe
6   Wayne Tancock
7   Michael Sadler
8   Dave Deater


1   Bernard Bryan
2   John Wood
3   Jim Richards
4   John Madderson
5   Tony Sullivan
6   Brian House
7   Paul Garner
8   Nicholas Sinclair