1996 IFBB English Grand Prix (DVD)

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GMV-243-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  108 mins  Sample Clip

One of the best Grand Prix recorded. The last time you see 4 guys place ahead of Ronnie Coleman. Includes all rounds, and 20 minutes of pump room action.



Dorian Yates’ Last Grand Prix Victory

One of the most incredible Grand Prix ever recorded. This is probably the last time you will see 4 guys place ahead of Ronnie Coleman. Includes rounds one, two and three, and around 20 minutes of the most incredible pump room action you will ever see!!

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This was Dorian’s last GP appearance and of course his final GP victory. He retired in 1997.


1.  Dorian Yates
2.  Nasser El Sonbaty
3.  Paul Dillett (See below)
4.  Kevin Levrone
5.  Ronnie Coleman
6.  Vince Taylor
7.  J.D. Dawodu
8.  Chris Cormier
9.  Jean Pierre Fux
10. Charles Clairmonte
11. Aaron Baker
12. Eddy Ellwood
13. Lutz Wilke

Special Features:
Superb Pump Room Action