1998 NABBA Universe: Men – Prejudging (DVD)

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GMV-300  Digital Download Duration:  100 mins   Sample Clip

The Men’s Prejudging presents the posing routines of all the non (top 6) finalists, plus Round 3 comparisons and lineups for all 6 classes. They were 4 Amateur Classes, as well as Professional and Masters.



The Men’s Prejudging presents the posing routines of all the non (top 6) finalists, plus Round 3 comparisons and lineups for all 6 classes. They were 4 Amateur, Professional and Masters.

What a Contest! What a piece of Fantastic History at this the 50th year anniversary of the first Mr Universe in 1948! 1998 had it all, with the biggest crowd yet seen at the wonderful ICC in Birmingham!

GMV Productions was proud to be there to capture all the excitement and action with our 2 cameras. The Pump Room is also an absolute highlight for backstage raw muscle action.

It was a repeat victory for Pro Champion – Eddy Ellwood, weighing in at a shredded 285lbs, as well as for John Citrone (190 lbs) in the Masters Class. And the “Wonder from Down Under” Pina Theodoridis won her second overall Figure Class title. John Citrone holds the record for the most NABBA titles ever won. Julia Abel won the Women’s Physique Class.

The Overall Titles Went to –

Gary Lister (UK) NABBA Tropicana Amateur Mr. Universe
Eddy Ellwood (UK) NABBA Ultimate Nutrition Professional Mr. Universe
John Citrone (UK) NABBA Peak Body Masters Mr. Universe
Pina Theodoridis (Australia) Overall Figure Miss Universe
Julia Abel (UK) Physique Miss Universe


Overall Amateur Mr. Universe:  Gary Lister – UK

Men’s Masters

1.  John Citrone  UK
2.  Peter Andreas  Germany
3.  Bernd Prowse  Germany
4.  Tom Long  Australia
5.  Deny Hoyle  UK
6.  Steve Britton  UK
7.  Mark Turvey  UK
8.  Gary Kamil  USA
9.  Uli Caspary  Germany
10. Pepe Mercury  Australia
Aivars Visockis
Bob Hills
Bennie Lubbers
Franco Fumo
Eduardo de la Asuncion
John Brooks
Graham Park
Willi Bendel
Earl Maduro
Phil Bradshaw
John Barber

Men’s Class 4

1.  Andy Raynes  UK
2.  Olivier Ripert  France
3.  Nick Jones  Australia
4.  Alison Maria  Holland
5.  Darryl Aldis  UK
6.  Uwe Horter  Germany
7.  Rob Good  UK
8.  Wayne Clark  UK
Alan Vissian
Christian Attard
Ralf Heuckerroth
Gary Scales
Ian Lloyd
Kamal El Gargani

Men’s Class 3

1.  Steve Creighton  UK
2.  Ronny Rockel  Germany
3.  Charles Duca  Australia
4.  Oliver Reinhardt  Germany
5.  Ramsford Smith  UK
6.  Pascal Delhoume  France
7.  Jamie Emanuel  UK
8.  Grant Mayo  Australia
Pierre Mifsud
Dorian Surjan
Phil Davies
Pascal Favre Coutillet
Lubos Obornik
Tony Loiacono
Omar Martha
Henk Jan Heinen
Melissariz Theodoris
Bada Andrea
Peter Vertominen

Men’s Class 2

1.  Simon Cohen  UK
2.  Helge Seliger  Germany
3.  Karlo Sic  Germany
4.  Rob van der Dussen  Holland
5.  Steve Tylee  UK
6.  Michaerl O’Hanlon  UK
7.  Eric Tilman  Holland
8.  Geoff Hargreaves  UK
Wayne Bainton
Darren O’Brien
Danie Butler
Tony Zerafa
John Verstegen
Dimitris Zois
Kobi Dilori

Men’s Class 1

1.  Gary Lister  UK
2.  Dayo Audi  UK
3.  Eric Hartley  UK
4.  Bernd Fullner  Germany
5.  Chris Wall  UK
6.  Michael Cadogan  UK
Yves Terrier
Alexander Fischbach
Gerhard Pretorius
Chris Snedden
Trevor Crouch
Kin Mitchell
Johan Groenwald
Peter La Reau

Professional Mr Universe

1.  Eddy Ellwood  UK
2.  Eli Hanna  Israel
3.  Franco Incalza  Italy
4.  Fabrizio Zittucro  Italy
5.  Emmanuel Weill  France
6.  Claudio Lombardi  Italy