2008 Iron Man Pro (DVD)

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Duration:  242 mins

2008 proved to be not only the biggest Iron Man event in years regarding competitor numbers, it was also the best year ever for the IRON MAN Pro.


Held in the spacious Los Angeles Convention Center for the first time, the 2008 Iron Man Pro is always the first pro show of the new season. 2008 proved to be not only the biggest Iron Man event in years regarding competitor numbers, it was also the best year ever for the IRON MAN Pro and FitExpo. The new venue of the LA Convention Centre was huge, the crowds were huge and the competitors on stage were mostly HUGE and RIPPED!

PHIL ‘The Gift’ HEATH brought his ‘A’ Game to the Iron Man Pro by presenting his wonderful shape and new improved size and symmetry, while still displaying his famous conditioning. This was Phil’s first Iron Man victory at his first attempt at this title. His overall package proved to be a little too much for Gustavo and the rest of the high quality field. I feel that Phil Heath will do some major damage at the Olympia this year.

An outstanding GUSTAVO BADELL pushed Phil all the way to achieve his second placing while MOE ELMOUSSAWI achieved his highest ever placing in a Pro show with his brilliant 3rd place and a first ever Olympia appointment for September in Las Vegas. This was the best condition that Moe has ever achieved in his career and it was well rewarded.

Rounding out the top 5 who all qualify for the 2008 Olympia were SILVIO SAMUEL in 4th place and JOHNNIE JACKSON in 5th spot. The man with the amazing legs, DESMOND MILLER just missed out on Olympia qualification with his 6th placing in this incredibly tough field. The contest saw an amazing line up of 32 athletes.
You will also see the presentation to DANIELLE EDMONDS as the overall winner of the 2008 Iron Man NPC Figure Contest.

*In the FINALS DVD you will see 31 of the 32 competitor’s from Prejudging perform their complete posing routines. Jimmy Canyon is the missing competitor and is only seen in the prejudging but did not compete in the Finals. You also see the Peary & Mabel Rader Lifetime Achievement award posthumously presented to Reg Park by John Balik, accepted by son Jon Jon Park. Not to be missed, the fun guest posing by Melvin Anthony at the time he presents the best Presentation Award to his rival, King Kamali. Plus PHIL HEATH’s victory speech where Phil is not short for a word!

This 2 DVD set running over 4 hours was taped with 2 cameras in high quality digital video by Wayne and our new closeup cameraman Howard Feintuch, assisted by Richard Rossan. Our interviewer was Kenny Kassel. This year’s DVD set is an absolute ‘ must’, being the first ever 2 disc set from the Iron Man Pro. It has come a long way from year one back in 1990 where the Iron Man video ran for 45 minutes with 10 competitors!

Disc # 1: The complete Prejudging

Extra Scenes:
Top 10 men shown from the closeup camera
Jerome Ferguson interview for BodyBuilding.com
Photo Gallery – 50 photos from Prejudging

Disc #2: The Men’s Finals
Complete posing routines of all 31 Finals competitors, posedown and all awards.
* All 31 men are individually selectable from the menu.

Extra Scenes:
Tribute to Reg Park
Acceptance speech by Jon Jon Park
Rich Gaspari interview for Gaspari Nutrition
National Anthem
Photo Gallery – 84 photos from the Finals