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2013 Mr. Olympia (DVD)

AUD $39.95

A-1430-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  340 mins     Sample Clip

The Mr. Olympia DVD showcases the 3 men’s events. Catch all the excitement of Olympia Weekend in your own home on DVD.


2013 Mr. Olympia

This year’s OLYMPIA WEEKEND was an action-packed festival of bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini and physique competitions, with total prizes of $950,000!
The Mr. Olympia DVD showcases the 3 men’s events : Mr. Olympia, 212 Showdown and Men’s Physique Showdown.

*The DVD runs for a MASSIVE 5 hours and 40 minutes!   In WIDE SCREEN.

The producers of the film Generation Iron have recorded the competition in high-definition for the first time and will create the DVDs with exclusive footage and features as never seen before! Catch all the excitement of Olympia Weekend in your own home on DVD – the posing, the comparisons, the fitness routines, the beauty, elegance, grace and athleticism. See the best competitors in the world when they compete in Las Vegas to celebrate the ultimate quest for human physical perfection.

2013 Mr Olympia Content

See a magnificent third Olympia victory by “The Gift”, the popular Phil Heath, with Dennis Wolf a close second and Kai Greene in 3rd place. Includes the complete Prejudging and Finals. Phil is pictured below.

212 Showdown
In the 212 Showdown it was another superb and hard fought victory by “The Welsh Dragon” Flex Lewis over a shredded and rock-hard David Henry and Kevin English. Jose Raymond and Eduardo Correa were very close behind. Flex is now a two-time winner.
See the contest from Prejudging through to the awards.

Men’s Physique Showdown
In the new class Men’s Physique Showdown, there were no surprises when Mark Anthony Wingson became the first ever winner of this class from Jeremy Buendia, with Matt Acton in 3rd place.

Complete Men’s Results


2013 Olympia

Las Vegas, NV   September 27-28, 2013

Mr. Olympia
1. Phil Heath – USA
2. Kai Greene – USA
3. Dennis Wolf – Germany
4. Shawn Rhoden – USA
5. Dexter Jackson – USA
6. Jay Cutler – USA
7. Roelly Winklaar – Curacao
8. Mamdouh Elssbiay – Kuwait
9. Branch Warren – USA
10. Lionel Beyeke – France
11. Victor Martinez – Dominican Rep.
12. Cedric McMillan – USA
13. Evan Centopani – USA
14. Steve Kuclo – USA
15. Toney Freeman – USA
16. Baito Abbaspour – Iran
16. Brandon Curry – USA
16. Essa Ibrahim Obaid – UAE
16. Johnnie Jackson – USA
16. Robert Piotrkowicz – Poland

212 Olympia Showdown

1. James Flex Lewis – UK (pictured right in B&W)
2. David Henry – USA
3. Kevin English – USA
4. Jose Raymond – USA
5. Eduardo Correa – Brazil
6. Sami Al Haddad – Bahrain
7. Guy Cisternino – USA
8. Troy Alves – USA
9. Tricky Jackson – USA
10. Mark Dugdale – USA
11. Al Auguste – Haiti
12. Raul Carrasco Jimenez – Spain

Men’s Physique Showdown

1. Mark Anthony Wingson – USA
2. Jeremy Buendia – USA
3. Matt Acton – USA
4. Sadik Hadzovic – USA
5. Jason Poston – USA
6. Tyler Anderson – USA
7. Michael Anderson – USA
8. Steve Cook – USA
9. Tory Woodward – USA
10. Alex Carneiro – USA
11. Jeff Seid – USA
12. Anton Antipov – USA
13. Matt Christianer – USA
14. William Sullivan – USA
15. Stephen Mass – USA
16. John Nguyen – USA


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